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I think Jeff mentioned in a post on his tumblr that he is still interested in doing something, but gave a non-answer regarding the expansion. I am sure something will eventually come out.

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I'd like to see a rotating seat.

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@spacekatgal When the opportunity presented itself for new hires, and I heard who they hired I was extremely disappointed, and agree with everything you say. Some of the more interesting content on Giant Bomb is when they let minorities participate. Other than that, it is pretty much just bros hanging out, and that gets old very quick. My interest in this site has waned substantially. With the hiring of Dan especially. I value his opinion on games, but there is just something about him. He comes off as too fratboyish, and that is a huge problem for me. I don't think he even cares about whatever is going on. When other staff members were present in the forums after 'the statement' he was no where to be found. If he had the time to film a foolish video of him making an omelette out of Pizza Rolls surely he had time to stand up against misogyny, right?

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Just think about all that has been written about this subject. Think about just this very forum thread. Take all the time combined composing posts, rebuttals, diatribe, drivel. Think about all the time wasted to the asinine subject. Sadly, time had to be wasted discussing this issue, and it is infuriating when you think off all the other troubles in the world.

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@patrickklepek Do you think it is possible for level-headed gamergaters to split from the movement, and start their own movement based on level-headed criticisms? I am not in support of gamergate, but maybe this is a potential solution?

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Great work. I really appreciate this. I can breathe a sigh of relief. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work @brad and crew. @jeff has some mad writing skills. Do you sit down with a tape recorder, and talk it out, because the whole piece seems very conversational.

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