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@bigsocrates: Okay, that gives me some structural understanding. I'm in Act 2 now and it is clearly based around the big war stuff and the particular players are less developed. I like that Leah's mom was not actually fridged as motivation for Cain and Leah. The Enchantress looks ripe for a midriff-based disemboweling, though. Also, shiny things and I love the sentry and raining arrows and gattling gun R2 attack for the demon hunter.

@mbradley1992: Thank you! Essays will always be harder than anything in math ever.

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@bigsocrates: You know, I hear this. But it's weird that there are, like, lots of conversation options with the characters and tons of audio diaries to pick up. I mean, I can ignore it, but there was effort there. It seems like it's a bit disingenuous to say that there is just as much story as Gauntlet. Blizzard clearly tried, pretty hard at points even. Maybe it's crap, but you can't say it meant to be crap.

@kierkegaard: Man, what do you teach? I'm a teacher as well and I have plenty of time for gaming. I don't have kids yet, and getting off work at 3:30 gives me a decent bit of time. I plan once a week for the whole week, and I laid out a lot of general benchmarks to hit on my calendar before the year started. I definitely know of other teachers who are in the same boat as you and seem to dedicate 60 hours a week to it. My wife is a teacher, as well, and she has time during the week to watch Netflix, read, and relax.

High school English. It's my second year so I'm still figuring it out. It's definitely easier this year. Feel free to PM if you wanna talk more about it!

I do have some time, but something like Diablo is perfect for my current level of stress.

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@geraltitude: Heh, nah, I'm too perfectionistic to half ass stuff. Will turn off story motors best I can.

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Very well written and true. It's like humans being around each other and having a common interest and goal makes them nicer to each to other. Maybe we should put trolls and online jerks into a room with people they disagree with and have everyone play four-square or something. That's basically what PAX is.

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Don't hit me! Right now, Fez. Never played it until it went free on PS Plus last month. I haven't looked up how to decode the language and can see all the intrigue. I have around 26 cubes and am working on the 32 cube door. Just having trouble going back into it--especially because getting to places I need to go requires lots of backtracking and rote navigation. I love the idea of what I'm playing, and I know there's so much more to it, and that's cool. But it feels like quick sand right now rather than a neat castle to explore. Possible that's because the elevators only take me to four random floors rather than allowing me to zip to previous locations. I don't want to feel this way, but it's dragging for me.

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The fight should not be to view women as the same as men but to treat them the same way.

Not sure who you are agreeing with? There is no fight to view women the same as men. Inherent differences are inherent. There is a fight to remove blatant and dangerous stereotypes in games if not used for some useful purpose.

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Best. Post. EVER.

Modern feminism, much like the modern civil rights movement, trades on the idea of perpetual victimhood. It's mutated from the pursuit of equality to the pursuit of special privilege, which does more harm to the groups they claim to protect than good. It engenders animosity toward people who would otherwise be completely sympathetic with the cause of equal rights.

We see it now in the proliferation of far-right ideology, in the further popularization of Rush Limbaugh's repugnant term "feminazi," People are distancing themselves from feminizm period because the modern academic definition is more in line with misandry than traditional feminism. It's getting to the point where even other women are distancing themselves.

Oh it does not! Do not blame ignorance and bigotry on those it's aimed at--Feminazi is not proof feminism is polarizing. It's proof Limbaugh has a sexist agenda.

Criticizing art for dangerous portrayals, choices, stereotypes, and norms is not perpetual victimhood. It's trying to make fewer people feel attacked and belittled in the world. It's trying to end victimhood itself.

Your perspective requires a cynical approach where social justice is about keeping people mistreated so the movement can stagnate and complain. That's incredible. And it's wrong. No real movement is about keeping things the same. That would be asinine.

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Well researched and thoughtfully done sir! I disagree, respectfully.

Third-wave, post-structural feminism need not be a victim game. The fact that Anita exists clearly proves it's about speaking and acting out, being a forceful subject, rather than it is simply whining. She's doing something. She's deconstructing and criticizing, not complaining.

Indeed, as I read her arguments, they lie not in fallacies, but in deconstruction of harmful norms. The strippers being dragged around illustrated, as well as much of that video, the disturbing possibility space. While those deaths are not necessary for progression, events like the horrific brutalization of female prostitutes in Red Dead are unavoidable and recurring. The argument that games using abuse against women as a gritty afterthought is wrong--that argument works. Her evidence works.

Here's the problem: "Let people create what they want, and if you do not like it, then let someone else enjoy it."

Right there, you are equating criticism to censorship. That's incorrect. Any art can and must be criticized for it to be legitimate art--it's how the whole thing works. Anita claims encouraging, forcing, or even allowing players to live in a space built around the brutalization of background women is wrong and developers should stop it. That's not censorship! Censorship would be her becoming elected into office, fighting for a law blocking any such depiction, and winning. Censorship is forced action. Anita is asking for thoughtfulness and intent.

Because that's the thing--too much of this is unintentional. Developers were and are unaware of the implications of what they make. Becoming educated about what messages and ideals your art generates is a necessity in being an artist.

One of the best examples: Look at Saints Row. She uses 1 and 2 as examples in the video because they required you to deliver "hoes" like cattle. But 3 and 4 aren't in there. Why? Because Volition figured it out. They went for equality and fairness and humor without abuse in 3 and 4. They went feminist. Those games are better than 1 and 2! There is no danger here.

Equity in pay and opportunity is fantastic. Keep working toward that. But do not accept thoughtless art for the sake of freedom. Fight the carelessness.

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@wildrose said:

Hi people,

.... Ace ventura, .....

mostly I like movies that go a bit deeper, like, about deep thoughts, and what is really going on in the brain, in the thoughts, of a human. Or movies that are about psychological problems, for example, a personality disorder or a depression and so forth.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, had to edit that. Something felt like it didn't fit your criteria, though I guess there's probably a lot of disorder there. I've heard Silver Lining's Playbook would fit well there. It's Kinda a Funny Story is modern cuckoos nest. I just watched Sneakers for the first time and found it quite natural and human.

Netflix totally has a genre called "cerebral" that may have what you're looking for. I recommends my mom "cerebral dramas with strong female characters" a lot. Kinda creepy.

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@believer258: Eh, why not report rather than ignore? Yes, playing into an argument with a fanatic may not go well, but sending their hatred to the authorities can't do anything but good. Ignoring bullying does not make it end. Responding to it specifically and eliciting consequences helps more, right?

@joshwent: While youtube is certainly something else, I refuse to believe doing nothing is the best option. Does anyone know how moderation actually works through google? Are there news stories about them actually moderating people based on hate speech? If nothing else, removing the post from my eyes and feeling like I made an effort is nice.

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I'm also not sure that you are being a monster if you identify someone as their sex rather than their gender. Also at some point if we all hug and love each other, we will have to befriend the furry folks on the internet who truly believe they are at least partially an animalistic being. Not trolling here, honestly. If someone can mentally identify as something they physically are not, who are we to identify what is normal and what is strange?

Radical feminists are a very different group than average feminists. It's disingenuous to conflate them. That is an interesting article. Seems to me that just as it is illogical to think that sexuality is a choice, it is just as wrong to see a transgender person as choosing to be a woman or a man or any or no gender. We are as we are born in these things--sometimes it takes working through lots of life to understand who we are. It's hypocritical for those fighting oppression based on gender to oppress others.

Let's never use the term "white knight" again, yeah? It's a fake chivalry reference that implies every person standing up and supporting caring for others is trying to be important. It assumes selfishness where there is care and selflessness. It's an ugly term.

Simple rule as others have said: If another person is doing no harm to others or themselves by being who they are, then they deserve no judgment or dismissal from others. They deserve acceptance and love. If a furry gets into bestiality, that's harmful to animals. If they choose to dress up as Sonic and have consensual sex with another adult dressed like Tails, I see no reason to attack them.

There is no normal, not really. What we prescribe to be normal changes every year if not every minute. Normal is constantly progressing toward acceptance of all people. Why try to hold back progress?

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- and - are considered hate speech? And voicing your opinion about his voice is harassment?

Yup, those are terms specifically created to denigrate someone for who they are--they look to belittle, dehumanize, and harm. If you tell another person that their voice is bad, you are certainly attacking an defining part of that person. We can criticize each other on legitimate, arguable grounds without being cruel.

The majority of commenters did that, criticizing or agreeing with Carolyn's arguments in the review. That's dialog, that's something to build on. That's not destructive.