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@driveuplife said:

You're all a bunch of pussies. Strip clubs are a great time when you're with good friends. Walk in with 100 bucks and slowly spend the money across the night, slipping dollar bills in their panties and garter belts. When you're down to your last thirty bucks, pick the girl you like the best and get one lap dance, they're fun trust me. Walk out at 3 AM a better man.

I've never been, but the pussy-like behavior is truly funny - exactly what you'd think a video game forum would say about strip clubs.

Yeah, this attitude disturbs me. Disagreeing with other people about the value of strip clubs is fine. Belittling those people by comparing them to female sex organs is exactly what I would expect from a shitty video game forum.

I've never been. Don't plan to. I have a significant other and porn, so the function isn't there for me. The form is interesting, but It's not a curiosity I find worth exploring.

As long as strippers or prostitutes have control over choosing their clients, can work in a clean environment, and are making fair pay, I say more power to them. Just like any job, as long as employees have their rights and self-respect, it's all good. Gymnastic stripping especially is a fantastic kinesthetic art form that requires extreme fitness and body control.

So, thread creator, follow other people's advice on money, treat everyone there like a human being doing a job, and do what makes you feel comfortable.

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With AC4: Blackflag being announced, a lot of what I read is optimism that it will be better than 3 and how everyone hated it. I personally liked it. It was a nice change of pace from the others. Conner for me was great, kinda liked him more than Ezio even (say what you want). The time period was awesome and I'm not even American. Only thing I didn't enjoy were the Desmond parts but I look past it. So am I the only one? I wish they would've continued with Conner like they did Ezio, even if it was one more game.

You are not alone. Sure Desmond's ending was bleak and Connor had a couple poorly written moments, but I really found the humanism of the homestead, the father-son dynamic, the stealth missions, and the Naval stuff kept me engaged.

AC3 feels like it tried the most new things of the series, and it succeeded in many of them. Ezio is a nice, lothario, revenge for my family, have sex with the pretty ladies kinda character. Connor was something new, and watching his story unravel the racial and political foundations of America was a joy.

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Great app, duder! Sent along some cash out of appreciation, too.

I was wondering if you were considering expanding the app to have a news feature that includes the articles? Obviously at some point that's just a GB mobile app and may not be your purpose at all, but the mobile site is not as clean as your app and I'd love it to a one-stop spot for all GB content...

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Hi all! Didn't want to derail the market of the other trading card thread, so I thought I'd start a new one about something far more important: Cold hard cashola.

So, how much have you made putting digital trading cards up for sale?

I'm currently sitting at a cool $0.90 for ruthlessly selling my steam summer sale cards and four binding of Isaac cards (fifth one on sale now--only .15 cents!).

C'mon, bombers. Show me the money (that will no doubt destroy my paltry sum)!

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Okay, that pillow explanation really helped me grasp this completely. Many thanks

Also, did this discussion make any other nerds think of the hovering Han Solo being escorted through Cloud City?

Totally fine if it was just me, but I just spent like 10 minutes finding an image of that so damned if I wasn't going to post it.

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I think all the footage they've shown has had PlayStation button prompts, which means it's probably running on PS4.

I think this is right. Looks better than PS3 footage and runs way smoother.

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Thanks for explaining Rorie. We'll do anything we can to help in the future, and stick with you guys 'till the end.

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@bobgnarly: Liar!

That's just called jumping, dummy.

Sexy flanders is stuck in my head!

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Was The Last of Us, but sad news turned that into Skyrim. Mostly I've been playing digital Demon's Souls.

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Playing the Last of Us this week (trying anyway) but with Ryan's news is been kinda of INTENSE. Also, add that the Walking Dead.

Ha, this was my plan before the news. Decided that death and dismay, usually a nice change of pace from my not-so-intense life, are not the best ways to sooth my mind right now. It sucks since I still haven't finished the LoU single player, but it can wait.

So I've been plowing through Skyrim's Thieves and Dark Brotherhood questlines, finished Sound Shapes, played more Demon's Souls (which is engaging until it is maddening), and started a new save on Red Faction: Guerilla.

The latter was really soothing for some reason. Methodically destroying a regime's property on casual difficulty is exactly what my brain needed.

Also bought Lego Pirates of the Carribean on PSN, which I think I'll play through with my S.O. for some light, fun goodness.

Games help me cope for sure.