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@fetchfox: Ha, okay then. Eh, Abstergo/Ubisoft is a very diverse company. Guess they don't discriminate on facial hair.

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Has there EVER been a game with good underwater swimming? It's not really a Ubisoft or Assassin's Creed problem. The only game I've ever played that had good swimming was The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask when you wear the Zora mask. Amazingly fun swimming.

I think Ratchet and Clank did it well. Swimming around Pokitaru in RC1 and searching for treasure was magical at the time.

As for AC4, I think I've figured the swimming a bit better, slowing down to turn and such, but I want a way to at least incapacitate the sharks. The powerlessness is neat, I guess, but even environmental hazards that I could drop on the sharks, something complex but doable, may have made the sections a bit nicer. It's hard to appreciate the environment and beauty when you're constantly stressed out.

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@alexgbro: Yeah, Ctos is right in there. Neat that the games take place in the same world, but how many evil corporations and and battles for supremacy can one world stand?

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When the "John from IT is Roberts reincarnated" twist was revealed, all I could think of moving forward was 'Man, that face does not work in modern times'. Maybe it's because I got used to Roberts being in full pirate swag, but something about it seemed off compared to all the other present day people.

From what I remember his face changes upon death, implying that he somehow revealed his true mustachioed appearance to the player but not to the outside world? I might be crazy, though.

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@kierkegaard: @cloudymusic: @basm321: Hmm, I don't know if we have the resources to bugfix on PS4 at the moment. We're mulling over the idea of an official app for PS4 and XBONE, but it'll be a while before those come down the pipe. This might be a video player issue, so let's see if the new video player that we're getting early in January helps out, too.

Okay, so January is the rollout date then. The gamespot player seems good and responsive, so that sounds good.

It's probably just the PS4 doing something weird, but I have no idea why older videos would work when newer ones don't. Huh.

Thanks for the reply, Rorie. An App sounds like a great idea.

Anyone try the gamespot player on PS4? Does it work?

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@szlifier: Hmm, haven't tried. Just didn't want to fill up the HDD rather than stream... Seems like I shouldn't have to choose?

Okay, no go on Download. PS4 can't download that media.

Additional information on GB on PS4 weirdness:

When I watched the 2010 game of the year awards in HD on HTML5 they ran fine.

When I tried to watch Unprofessional Fridays Dec. 13th, the same laggy video happened on high and HD.

Help? Anyone else having this problem?

I wanna watch GB on my TV easily! Wah!

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@acidbrandon18: I'm doing a great job of telling my students to complete them. Also teaching some stuff. It's surreal being on the other side.

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@nasar7 said:

@somedelicook said:

Not being able to board ships without first weakening them. How cool would it be if you could stealth swim onto a big ass boat and assassinate everyone onboard?

I did that once and just started murdering everyone on board. Eventually I got sniped by the crow's nest guys. It was weird because it didn't trigger a battle or anything (music didn't kick in, my crew didn't start boarding) so I don't know if anything would have happened if I'd managed to stay alive and kill every last one of them.

I've had mixed experiences with this. One time, with a ship I'd weakened with my own but was near another ship I didn't want to fight, I snuck on board and killed everyone. Then I did the same with the unweakened ship. After swimming back to the Jackdaw and hitting the board prompt, there was no fight on the first ship, but crew people did appear in the cutscene. In the second, I just shot it once and it became boardable, whereupon the same thing happened.

Today, I tried doing that with another ship. This time, I fast travelled away from the now empty ship and set a marker where it was. When I returned with the Jackdaw, there was no ship there.

So, it seems as though you can totally assassin your way through any ship rather than doing the dangerous boarding exercise, then board after that, as long as you do not load in between.

I love that that is all possible.

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@geraltitude: Go to the icon for the game on the new XMB thing, click the options button, go to update history.

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So everything I'm reading says the 1080p patch rolled out on the 20th and the current version of the game should be 1.03. I've turned the PS4 off an on and left it on standby multiple times, but AC4 remains in 1.02, last update 11/19 at 1:13PM.

Can I manually download the patch or any other work around to fix this (not at all very important but kinda annoying) issue?

EDIT: Okay, looked at Ubisoft forums and seems that 1.02 is the patch, even if the patch notes do not mention the upgrade. Consider my own question answered. Hopefully this helps someone else who was confused.