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Allow me to answer your rhetorical questions. Yes, the Iliad is both a foundational text of heroic fiction and includes belittling, sexist ideas.

This is a really easy mistake to make. You think that noting a moral infraction on the part of a story or picture or representation is an attack on that thing's essential worth. It is not. As any good social theorist would tell you, one can like something, enjoy it, even find it personally meaningful, while still finding fault with it.

For instance, I fucking love Joss Whedon and The Avengers, and Loki calling Black Widow a "mewling quim," old Shakespearean for "whining cunt" is unnecessary and bad. I still love the movie, and I acknowledge that that line was poorly chosen.

It's okay. Art can take it. We grow as a society as we realize our past and present faults. We laud what is good and point out what detracts and distracts from that good in hopes that these distractions will eventually end.

All our most exalted artwork is socially chosen, not objectively, universally, absolutely worthy. Things fall into and out of style. Rejecting moralistic criticism of art is rejecting morality itself.

Speaking for myself, I want to love things unconditionally. I want Bioshock Infinite to be a masterpiece without fault. But that desire should not cloud my judgment.

There is no danger in criticism. There is only growth.

@icemael said:

Should the Iliad have points docked for being sexist? Would Dracula cease to be a masterpiece if the vampires and Renfield were black, while the rest of the cast remained white? Are we supposed to quit admiring the works of all the great painters throughout history on account of the inequality at display in their art? Would the paintings of Sir Leighton be better if they depicted more black people? Is Rubens' Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus worse because contemporary morality condemns its subject matter? Or Gérôme's Slave Market in Rome?

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This is an awesome collection. I'm glad people more talented than me make cool shit.

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@redloopz: Hello! Is there a general introduce yourself thread in off topic? There might be. I've been here for years but never did so.

Welcome! Looking forward to hear your thoughts on the important topics of video games. Or, you know, just fuck around and say funny shit vaguely connected to video games. That's kinda what Giant Bomb is about.

Are you new to the site in general or just new the forums? If the former, check old threads on best quick looks and the stickied threads up top of welcome.

Glad to have you aboard.

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@patrickklepek That was insightful, heartfelt, and meaningful. Thank you for being responsible and human with this complicated story. We'll always have your back.

I just keep thinking: to quote our moderators, "don't be a dick." If your entire persona exists to be a dick about games, Mr. Beer, you should rethink the value that gives to other people.

Ryan criticized people hard some times, but he made it clear it came from a place of love and support, of helping them grow. He was hilarious because he knew how to toe that line so well.

Man, is it really so hard to have some goddamn respect?

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@groverat said:

(I have never played Fez and never plan to.)

Fish's request that Beer kill himself came after Beer's unprovoked attacks on Fish. For people to now say, "OK, it's all equal now" is to ignore that who acted first really does matter, especially if the primary actor has a gimmick of being the type of person who attacks first. A person who will hit first unprovoked is different from someone who hits back once attacked.

Bullying Step 1: Provoke target.

Bullying Step 2: Continue provoking until a reaction is gotten.

Bullying Step 3: Call attention to the target's reaction.

1) Marcus Beer is a bully.

That's his gimmick. I had not heard of him until this incident. I watched the first 3 minutes of that invisible walls video and the other members of the panel set him up with the attitude that he was going to angrily rant and complain on schedule. That is inauthentic. People aren't on-cue rage machines, yet that is his gimmick.

Neither Fish nor Blow had done anything to him at all, yet his own feeling of being slighted and his need to fulfill his destructive gimmick lead him to viciously and heartlessly attack the character and profession of two human beings who, it needs to be said again, did nothing to him. (Bullying step 1 & 2.)

Fish counter-attacked him on Twitter in response. Beer then called attention to Fish's twitter counter-attack. (Bullying step 3)

2) Marcus Beer is a terrible journalist.

Game developers do not owe journalists any favors and journalists do not owe game developers any favors.

His explanation of the relationship between industry and industry press is horrifying and traracks perfectly with an abusive man's justification for raping a woman. "Slut, you give it up to everyone you're going to give it up to me!"

Remember that image of our boy Ryan with the fedora and all the dumb shit written on it like an OK Cupid profile? If the question is "Is a woman ever obligated to have sex with you?" then Beer's answer is clearly, "Yes."

He's disgusting.

You nailed it. The rape simile is a bit caustic, but your point is sound. Bullies try to make victims weaker. Beer did so. And we should not reward him for that. Unearned rage should not define anyone's style, especially a reporter of sorts.

Phil could have responded better. I could have too when a bully pushed me over the edge and I mocked her sister's drug crime. Neither he nor I were in the right, but the onus falls on those who attack and belittle others, not on those who fail to turn the other cheek.

We so want good guy and bad guy developers that we define people swiftly and mercilessly. Let's stop doing that.

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Age of Empires taught me a bunch of history. Think my vocab increased from playing Monkey Island and Kings Quest and Space Quest. That old 2-d tank game taught me that napalm is fucking evil. Learned some important leadership lessons from playing Ratchet and Clank: Up Yours Arsenal online. Games are pretty cool.

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@jimmyfenix: don't kick me while I'm down jimmyf lol. I'm jus venting my frustration. I need 2 rally the troops n take down the man that is psn for screwing us over! I'm not gona do what everyone thinks I'm gona do and jus FLIP OUT! All I wana kno is......who's wit me?

I love your rant, dude. You are certainly right that plenty of PSN games have animals getting the shit kicked out of them. I would have gone for Tokyo Jungle as a prime example.

But your user name was clearly a reference to hitting a woman and you know it. Surprised you made it this long without a ban. Start anew with a name that defines you rather than a violent act and have fun!

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Well, at least the companies all push back, arguing that the government does not have the right to impersonate another person. Very out of line for them to even ask. Still, far as we can tell they have only asked and have not received. Yay mega evil corporations?

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Still nothing from Sony? You'd think if its not true they would come up and say something.

Isn't that Glenn Beck logic? If I spread a rumor and the subject doesn't deny it it must be true? That don't make no sense.

Anyway, as I personally think Watch Dogs and Killzone and such look pretty and complex and fun, numbers changing does not really concern me. Sounds like the OS numbers are dropping the more time elapses anyway. Interested to see a real demo of the front end either way.

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@driveuplife said:

You're all a bunch of pussies. Strip clubs are a great time when you're with good friends. Walk in with 100 bucks and slowly spend the money across the night, slipping dollar bills in their panties and garter belts. When you're down to your last thirty bucks, pick the girl you like the best and get one lap dance, they're fun trust me. Walk out at 3 AM a better man.

I've never been, but the pussy-like behavior is truly funny - exactly what you'd think a video game forum would say about strip clubs.

Yeah, this attitude disturbs me. Disagreeing with other people about the value of strip clubs is fine. Belittling those people by comparing them to female sex organs is exactly what I would expect from a shitty video game forum.

I've never been. Don't plan to. I have a significant other and porn, so the function isn't there for me. The form is interesting, but It's not a curiosity I find worth exploring.

As long as strippers or prostitutes have control over choosing their clients, can work in a clean environment, and are making fair pay, I say more power to them. Just like any job, as long as employees have their rights and self-respect, it's all good. Gymnastic stripping especially is a fantastic kinesthetic art form that requires extreme fitness and body control.

So, thread creator, follow other people's advice on money, treat everyone there like a human being doing a job, and do what makes you feel comfortable.