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Yessss... 200 more hours will be spent.

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@thatonedudenick: Awesome! Will test. Now I just need a solution to make the subscriber videos on GB stop lagging when set above "low" quality. Grr.

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@darji: Diversity is hard because it can feel like unnatural filling of quotas, but all indications of science and society are that greater diversity leads to stronger, healthier, more harmonious lives for all.

I think the question is what Giant Bomb wants to be. They have evolved a ton as critics and players. The funny shit they do is almost never exclusionary or offensive--and that's hard to pull off. Look at every youtube player still using gay as an insult. Ryan, RIP, let "faggot" slip once and gave a heartfelt, meaningful apology for it. These are good guys.

And they are going deeper in their criticism and coverage. Patrick brings in people of all genders, sexualities, races and religions for interviews. I like the guest spots on the AM show. The crew have actively delved into major topics in the industry with care and respect this year. They have also expanded their game criticism to include issues of ethics, player agency, feelings, all that.

Rejecting GTA V for its antiquated, cynical world is a great thing, in my opinion. Doesn't mean that dismissing Tomb Raider off hand doesn't come off as strange. And it's something that would not happen with a more diverse staff focused on the fact of that game taking a sex-object character and making her human, surrounding her by an interesting, diverse cast, and still doing interesting things with gameplay. It's not required to put any game into any list, but some more discussion may have been nice.

Fact is, Giant Bomb is doing its best, and I think it can only improve. It's not bad to point out times where it falters, nor is it bad to point out where this author missed some context.

What's bad is the tone of rejection and anger over small mistakes or imperfect criticism. The message is what is important, not the human frailty of the messenger.

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@omghisam said:

Her argument wasn't GB is sexist for not liking TR it's that there are few women in the room during goty discussions.minority opinions aren't considered, so it's a systemic problem not particular to just Jeff and the gang. Maybe allow for nuisance in other peoples arguments without jumping to grab your pitchforks to defend vidyagames.

Also this isn't clickbait because it's a medium article without ads. At worst it's just an opinion piece you may not agree with.

Precisely. Nuanced criticism of those we respect is being adults, all. I haven't played Tomb Raider, so I can't judge its quality, but it did garner far less discussion than one would think it deserved. The summary of the bombcast and Giant Bomb in the article are fair. Stop looking for reasons to get your dander up. It's okay to question and criticize. It's vital. It's how we progress.

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Yeah, got the treasures, but need the convoys and whales, too. Might not actually kill the whales though. Harpooning sharks feels wrong enough. PSN: Kierkegaard11

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The Last of Us

Naughty Dog, as they have done in every game I have played since Jak and Daxter, believe that ramping up the combat in the final scenes of their game is best way to make gameplay intensity match story intensity. It isn't. Joel's horrible violence fits their story better, but it feels like they are trying to justify a constant method with better context instead of really thinking around the problem of endings.

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@fetchfox: Ha, okay then. Eh, Abstergo/Ubisoft is a very diverse company. Guess they don't discriminate on facial hair.

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Has there EVER been a game with good underwater swimming? It's not really a Ubisoft or Assassin's Creed problem. The only game I've ever played that had good swimming was The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask when you wear the Zora mask. Amazingly fun swimming.

I think Ratchet and Clank did it well. Swimming around Pokitaru in RC1 and searching for treasure was magical at the time.

As for AC4, I think I've figured the swimming a bit better, slowing down to turn and such, but I want a way to at least incapacitate the sharks. The powerlessness is neat, I guess, but even environmental hazards that I could drop on the sharks, something complex but doable, may have made the sections a bit nicer. It's hard to appreciate the environment and beauty when you're constantly stressed out.

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@alexgbro: Yeah, Ctos is right in there. Neat that the games take place in the same world, but how many evil corporations and and battles for supremacy can one world stand?

@nevalis said:

When the "John from IT is Roberts reincarnated" twist was revealed, all I could think of moving forward was 'Man, that face does not work in modern times'. Maybe it's because I got used to Roberts being in full pirate swag, but something about it seemed off compared to all the other present day people.

From what I remember his face changes upon death, implying that he somehow revealed his true mustachioed appearance to the player but not to the outside world? I might be crazy, though.

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@rorie said:

@kierkegaard: @cloudymusic: @basm321: Hmm, I don't know if we have the resources to bugfix on PS4 at the moment. We're mulling over the idea of an official app for PS4 and XBONE, but it'll be a while before those come down the pipe. This might be a video player issue, so let's see if the new video player that we're getting early in January helps out, too.

Okay, so January is the rollout date then. The gamespot player seems good and responsive, so that sounds good.

It's probably just the PS4 doing something weird, but I have no idea why older videos would work when newer ones don't. Huh.

Thanks for the reply, Rorie. An App sounds like a great idea.

Anyone try the gamespot player on PS4? Does it work?