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Strong characters and moments make Skyrim worthwhile 0

I waited until Bethesda fixed the PS3 version before buying Skyrim. And I bought it used just to spite their crappy handling of that situation. But I bought it out of devotion to the ideas of this sort of game. And that devotion was not, ultimately, ill-spent.Skyrim lives through its characters. While consistent voice actors and some blandness is held over from Oblivion, for the most part Bethesda appears to have honed their ability to make most individuals in the world worth caring about. Alth...

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Why Games Need Stories 0

In Thomas Was Alone, you control up to seven quadrilaterals with, as the narrator puts it, different relationships to gravity. Some jump higher, some jump lower, and some can even double jump. Some are tall, some are small, some are large, and some can float. You have to navigate every shape into its respective highlighted goal, using their abilities in tandem.The mechanics as developed in each new shape you encounter and each new level you must traverse have a steady, thoughtful progression for...

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We Should Be Proud (spoilers) 1

Asssassin's Creed is the bravest goddamn game series in a long, long time. You play as a Muslim dude killing knights in the holy land, an Italian dude killing corrupt Catholics (and chilling with people of all cultures in Istanbul), and a conflicted Kanien'kehaka (or something close to that) dude figuring out how to protect himself, his people, and his ideals when all the white mother fuckers just want his land and his killing arm. Desmond goes from a slacker bartender to a creepy killer/ enslav...

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Natural Selection 0

This game has a story. I'm going to talk explicitly about it. Be warned.While Tokyo jungle is set in the 2030s, its real plot begins 200 years later when humanity has nearly wiped itself out with pollution and general stupidity. Rather than accept that fate, scientists create a time machine to transport current humans into the past and, presumably, not fuck up quite as badly. However, as the game explains, because of the "law of conservation of mass," the same amount of material going back in ti...

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Impacting the world 0

Papo & Yo never rests on its laurels. The blocks that move houses puzzle at the beginning of the game is not drawn through many iterations to pad out the game. It happens once. Right there.There are common elements throughout the game. Mostly, you will be finding ways to exit an area by deconstructing the favelas around Quico, the main character, and remaking them into fordable paths. You do this while keeping Monster, your lumbering companion, in tow by luring him with coconuts.Still, even ...

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The Sands of Time 0

At the end of Uncharted 2, peace is restored, love is found, and jokes are made. Uncharted 3 did not need to exist to finish any story arch. No henchman of Lazaravic got away. No shocking twist revealed a nuclear plot at the very end. Uncharted 2 ended and it was good.Uncharted 3, then, has to prove its existential necessity. It does so in the sophisticated arena of characterization. It tries to tell us who Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, and to a lesser extent their posse, are--what they care...

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