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Looks fake, what's with the select button changing to menu in different pictures?

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@GTCknight: Duder, there is indication of damage/near death... Enoch's armor breaks away as you take damage.

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Sweet! It really is an amazing restaurant, my parents are coming to town in a couple weeks and I'll be sure to bring them by. It really made my night, I was wearing my 3 Whiskey shirts consecutively in celebration of the BLLSL and it was totally worth it.

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It is a pretty amazing restaurant. They change the menu daily, with a few dishes from their books and like one or two new/variations... so it's different every time, always with fresh seasonal ingredients.

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It is my favorite restaurant in Ithaca, and now I know part of why the food is so great is because the kitchen has Top Men. Top. Men.

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A chef at Moosewood Restaurant comped my entree tonight because I was wearing my BOMB shirt! Stay classy, duder... whoever you are!

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@vidiot said:
" @Fratteker said:
" I love this. The Yakuza games are some of the least wacky stuff that Japan puts out and the idea of them spending the last 5 or 6 years building up that reputation and then deciding "NO, FUCK IT - ZOMBIES." That's awesome. "
I'm copying this quote for future reference because I almost fell out of my chair laughing at it. That's pretty much a terrifyingly accurate description to what I'm thinking about now. "
dittodittoditto, this is insane. Ellaborate April fools joke even though I don't think the Japanese do April fools?
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vocabulary, get.

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