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I thought I was getting pretty close to completing the "You Do Know Jack!" quest by what the pop-up progress tracker was telling me, but wasn't awarded the completion when I got the 61st step. I tried a couple more but the progress tracker just kept counting:

 Checking the quest set shows that I haven't answered enough questions yet:

I'm browsing with FF 3.6.10 on OSX 10.5.8.
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Watching "The first Halo Reach Montage" over on (, noticed what looks like a skull in the mountain in the background. Never noticed this while I've been playing.
Does anyone else see it or is my Reach related sleep deprivation finally getting to me?
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Interesting how just iconic the characters have become and how well they were designed in the first place.
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I did pretty much the same thing 6 months ago. I had played the first one when it came out years ago so couldn't remember much more than how Daxter became the weasel-thing that he is. Had no trouble playing through 2 and 3. Go for it.

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Has everyone seen this one?

Seems to work pretty well... As long as you are wearing a bright red jumpsuit anyway...

Sorry bout the double....
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Sony has always had sweet ad's for its consoles.

This one for the 360 isn't bad though.


Love that Gears ad too.
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Had a quick search here and couldn't find anything similar, so, what are the best ads for games you've seen?

This one is my absolute favourite.


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I think the only reason it is in there is to distract people from how terrible the dialogue and voice acting of the biker are, and it seems to have worked, only two other people have said anything.

And DJ_Lae is right, it looks terrible, it barely even tracks with his body.