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I'm not a feminist. Instead, I believe in every individual's freedom to shape their own lives however they please.

^ top lel

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Good graph and sums up my experience. Top tip: just about everyone picks Ryu or Ken (because they don't know what they are doing) so counter-pick with someone strong against shotos. I'm novice-intermediate at Street Fighter but I trash people online because they never know how to deal with Cammy dancing around their fireballs.

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As much as the Wii U showed a lack of foresight and arrogance on Nintendo's part after the Wii, I don't want future kids to grow up in a world without Nintendo first-party titles. As much as they have stumbled and fallen over the years with their hardware, Nintendo always comes out fighting with their games. Their internal ambitions haven't changed, they've just grown complacent being so consistently good at what they do and not realising the world has slowly moved on without them.

Once Nintendo pulls a Sony and cedes power to Nintendo of America/Europe, we'll start seeing a modern and revitalised Nintendo not in the grip of a dated Japanese elite. Until then, Shigsy and Iwata will keep putting out the same-old high quality but familiar titles hoping people start to care again.

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Fucking manlets, what will they do next?

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Anybody who doesn't like Gabriel Knight can fuck off, as far as I'm concerned.