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The best glitch for me was Sleepy Dawgs and DLC for 91% off.

I must have missed that, I'd have bought it straight away.

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Street Fighter IV is still the most played and celebrated fighting game in what has been a crowded genre in the last few years. It's also the only game maintaining a vibrant competitive following other than UMvC. Even if SFxT turned out to be a success, it would make total sense to cater to those hardcore fans by giving them this update. It keeps the scene going for another few years and allows Capcom time to develop SFV deeper into next gen when the new consoles are figured out. Even if the assets are ripped from SFxT, they still have to come up with ultra combos and balance tweaks for the rest of the roster. That's worth $15 to me.

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Use Start8 and it becomes exactly the same as Windows 7 but performance is improved with a much better file system.

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Anybody else deep in a summer shred? I've dropped about 20lb since February. I'll probably keep it up until late July because I'm too broke to be eating enough to gain muscle.

Hope all your fitness goals are going well, Bombers!

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Is anybody else currently trying to lose weight through summer? I'm not allowing myself to eat any junk at all and this thread is giving me some serious cravings.

Doritos are fucking delicious.

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Because they are stuck in the past.

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Don't listen to Slayer but as a metal fan,

>metal fan

>doesn't listen to Slayer

What is this madness... I downloaded the Slayer discography a few days ago for some gym motivation, now I'll definitely keep it on rotation. RIP.

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that seems pretty crazy, I moved onto whole milk a year or so ago to try and gain, but I drink nowhere near that. I don't eat much due to lack of appetite, but milk I could do.

Thanks, I'll start drinking more to see how it goes :)

If you taper up slowly like the StrongLifts site suggests, your appetite will adjust to the increased calories and you'll start putting on weight. I gained from 63kg to 71kg in a handful of months by drinking whole milk and making sure to eat every few hours.