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@MordeaniisChaos said:

I'm trying to gain a lot of mass and strength. I'm scrawny as fuck, my metabolism, which used to be godly, is now pretty pathetic, and my diet is tiny.

Until I get time to figure out a better routine, I've pretty much just been doing basic PT with a few twists.

I wake up at 0400, drink a decent glass of nice cold water, and start stretching and warming up a bit. Go for a quick run (It's been a while since I last ran, so I can run a 7 minute mile, but I can't run much more than a mile at this point because I'm being a pussy. My goal for the next month and a half is to get to 3 miles without losing much of that pace. I need to get my miles down to 6 minutes a mile for at least 3 miles before boot camp, so that's my ultimate goal.

Why would you do cardio if you're focusing on gaining mass and strength? That just means you'll have to eat way more daily in order to fit your macros and put on mass. That would also be the reason you're sore and tired all the time.

Also, I wasn't advocating the EC stack or IF. I think they are nothing more than tools someone can use to achieve their goals. IF in particular is very powerful and completely natural. Honestly, I'm not even strictly against the use of steroids if someone is careful with them. I haven't touched them, but I don't look down on someone who would. Just another tool.

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@Vinny_Says said:

I was hoping there was a quicker way to reduce body fat % than just the usual cutting down on sugars, alcohol, ect. and aerobic/anaerobic exercise.....oh well patience is a virtue right?

There are a few ways to lose it, like intermittent fasting or an ECA stack. For intermittent fasting, you choose a 6-8 hour slot in the day, say 12-8pm, for you to eat all your meals then fast the rest of the time. It puts your body in a fasted state during half of the hours of the day and is proven to cut fat. ECA stack is basically a combination of legal over the counter drugs which cause medically proven RAPID weight loss when combined with eating less:

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@Vinny_Says said:

I did 30k on a bike 6 days a week during my weight loss phase but now it's down to 3 times a week at most. Now that I've reached my weight goal I'm kind of out of workout ideas. It's a little boring to sit there and listen to music while riding.

I'm thinking about building a six pack but I really don't know where to start. There's a thin layer of fat on my stomach and I can't seem to get rid of it. Any help is appreciated :)

And no I don't lift, bro, but I do about 150 pushups a day (sets of 30). I'm not really looking to build muscle but I'd be interested in increasing my core strength. Those are my fitness goals for the year.

Ironically, doing 150 push-ups a day will build more muscle than lifting weights the way you are approaching it...

If you are only interested in building core strength, keep reps low and weight high. The best way to build mass is high reps, moderate weight so avoid this. It always makes me laugh when guys say they don't want to lift because they don't want to build muscle as if building muscle is super easy. It takes months, years of hard work and motivation to build even a few pounds of genuine muscle mass. If you want to build up your core strength but not your body, try a routine like Starting Strength or StrongLifts. THESE ROUTINES ARE DESIGNED TO BUILD STRENGTH, NOT MASS.

Also, abs will appear naturally once your body fat drops low enough. You can't spot reduce fat, even if you do millions of sit-ups. All you can do is cut down as far as you can and they will appear.

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@EpicSteve: That's some impressive dedication. What are your lifting stats on deadlift, squat, bench, OHP? 

I'm currently using an upper-lower body alternating four day split with the first two days focusing on strength (low reps, high intensity) and the last two days focusing on hypertrophy (high reps, low intensity). I sometimes fall back into a three day StrongLifts style routine if I'm busy though. 
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@EpicSteve said:

I am on a mass gaining diet and workout routine. I usually end up in the gym 4 days out of the week, despite my goal being 5-6 days.

5-6 days a week?! Wow. I follow a four day split, couldn't imagine that workload. Which routine do you follow? 
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With the Giant Bomb Fitocracy group freshly created and over 600 workouts logged by fellow Bombers, I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to discuss fitness here in the Bomb Forums. If you're a beginner to the barbell, a martial artist, a runner, a yoga yogi, a breakdancer, or you just really like Wii Fit, this is your place to discuss all the ins and outs of fitness and maybe share some fitness humour. Any beginners can also ask questions and receive some guidance on their way to changing their body or becoming fit. Seriously, don't be shy to ask questions.

I'll kick off the discussion:

What are your fitness goals for 2013?

Don't let Rin Nakai be more swole than you, Giant Bomb!
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The Fitocracy group is a little bit dead. We could use more people! Come on in, Bomb squad.

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@psylah said:

How do people track the distances they run? I sometimes run in places I do not get cell reception (under ground in the city) and a cell phone does not always work. Fitocracy only accepts time and distance, not pedometer-style steps... or does it?

You can link Fitocracy up to a Runkeeper account and track accurate run distances that way! Runkeeper allows for manual correction in the event of GPS interruption. Hope that helps.
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@audioBusting said:

I think I need to start working out, so I joined. I haven't done much physical exercise in the past 2 years.. If anyone have any workout tips I'd be glad to hear it!

This will tell you all you need to know. 
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I'm SkyVeiled on Fitocracy, it's good to see another group being set up! The Whisky Media group is as dead as Whisky Media itself ;_; 
If anybody wants to get built and ripped for summer, we can definitely band together and motivate each other!