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It didn't unlock for me, and I just uploaded my GT to the system. I have 11 S rank games.

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Where's the Wired Controller & why is it so damn expensive?

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I just Created this Concept page and I'm looking at the Giantbomb community for help. If anyone out there knows games with Unskippable Credits please added them to the list. Thanks In advance.

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Wow, that's an awesome update. Glad to hear the first DLC is free, I 'm also wondering how much the other 2 DLC will cost.

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All I have to say about this is, UGH.

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Seriously, Every time I play the game I see people not doing *censor* . Specially Snipers, sure they're killing  but they're not helping building/upgrading Turrets.  They tend to get the most money since they camp in there bases and get a ridiculous Kill to death ratio but yet they still lose.  I don't know why people care about there Kill to Death Ratios in team based games, specially in this one.
Also, Teams that play ALL defense. Serious, They play all defense the whole F'n Game! I played yesterday, 8 matches were like this. My team would go on the offensive through the whole match, when it got into overtime the other team would "Juice Rush" our base and taking the win. Serious, why do people play like this?!
Another thing I dislike is people picking the same damn class. This game needs a class limit, I don't want to have 4 assassin on my god damn team. Or yet I don't want the other team to pick 4 gunners or Support. ect, ect ect. I don't know why uber didn't bother with this, it makes the game unbalanced at times.

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Only need 45 more, thanks to all that have been posting on my wall.

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There's no way I'm getting this one, even if I ask nicely.

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Oh god, i need 70 more....

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@eldiax said:
" Can you do it for meeeee? :) "
I'll do it eldiax.  If you can help me out also, I would really appreciate it.