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@pufferfiz: Oh so are you moving the animation with root motion? I haven't actually used that. Is it supposed to move a sprite independently of its gameobject transform?

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Can't move an object while it's animating? Why not?

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@rollingzeppelin: @kylekrueger:

I actually had this procedure done a few years ago. The first few weeks afterwards were the worst.. And the couple days after were very painful. My eyes were extremely sensitive to light for these few weeks and my vision was definitely a little "hazy", though this wasn't too too bad. My eyes haven't gotten worse since having it done, as they almost definitely would have had i not had the cross-linking done, and even came out of it a bit better than they were before it.

If you do think you'd like do have it done, the earlier the better. You definitely have a point about being a test subject though, zeppelin. I just found the alternative in which my corneas continued to degrade even less appealing.

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I unexpectedly really enjoyed what I saw of it! Danny was a great host, and that girl who did the weekly forecast seemed unique and pretty funny. GDC guest was interesting as well.

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@afabs515: REAL manus? gwyndolin fight? I just beat it last night and guess I rushed the end. please tell me more!

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Beyond: Two Souls. Loving it muchly so far but.. I know what to expect from a David Cage game.

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@49th: Yeah it was mostly just an exercise in learning Unity. Future efforts will definitely be more gameplay-focused. Thanks for playing!

@humanity: Just think of it as the Dark Souls of Christmas runners (presents give speed bursts!).

@chavtheworld: Really? Weird. Good to know though. Maybe it's time to do away with Firefox. And thanks for the kind words! never expected to be complimented on art, that's for sure.

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@budwyzer: Fun fact: In Canada, we trade in antlers!

@chavtheworld: Here's a link if you don't mind taking a look. It's the same situation on both my PC and mac. Very strange. Thanks!

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@chavtheworld: Just for fun! I wasn't quite familiar enough with Unity to have been able to hammer this out in a weekend, but I'll definitely take part in the next one. I was dabbling in XNA as well before, but now that Unity has 2D support it seems to be the way to go. Have you had any luck getting webplayer builds to not run super choppy?

@mrfrox250: Thanks a ton! EA and I are in discussions right now, but I'm holding out for a few more million.

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@hatking: you're the first person to not refer to them as "flying elves". thanks a ton for playing!