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Maybe if you're in the NBA.

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@mracoon: count me in for some potential spelunkery!

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@broomhitches: So you've hooked up a 4 pin speaker to the board? if it's the CPU, that would tell you.

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@afabs515: Is Ornstein's armour not that great? It looks so cool..

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@turambar: Ok yeah I thought that may be where those soft humanities come from.. I summoned Solaire once and then his summon sign never reappeared. Maybe next time I load the game it will be there...

@mcghee:Sounds like a solid strategy to me!

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@hayt: Hmm okay... I would like to kill little dude last so I can get his armour, but good to know. May head back to the sewers. Thanks!

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@korwin: I would just leave through sen's fortress. I think those demon bird things will take me back if I ask nicely... So where can I get some humanity?

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EDIT: I DEFEATED (see bottom)

So I've been trying to summon others to help me with these guys, but after a few poor summon choices and invaders I'm now out of humanity! I don't think I can take the two of them on by myself... Where does one even find humanity? Is there somewhere else I could/should go in the meantime to gain some levels? Thanks for the help!

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@ramone: awesome thanks a lot! I'll be home to receive later today.

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@ramone: if you still have it I'll take it! steamid is MosesTempleton