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This could be integral.

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@eujin: Thanks. Yeah I knew about the pipeline stuff, but other than that monogame sounds like a dream.

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does anyone know if I can simply copy my code from an XNA project into monogame and have it run (aside from having to compile assets into xnb first)?

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a thread for every bug

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so so down... though I'm only about 15 hours in and don't really want it spoiled. so conflicted!

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I wasn't hyped at all and wasn't even going to buy it. I thought I was done with this style of game; the open world just hasn't done it for me in the past while. The quick look and Vinny stream convinced me otherwise once I saw how narrative heavy the game is and how alive the characters feel. So I caved yesterday and bought it, and I've really really been enjoying it. It feels like the GTA game I always wanted (I'm on the IV hate-train), and makes me feel like I'm in junior high playing a way better version of III. So yeah I'm having a great time with it!

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Take that Wii U.

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How are you streaming to your TV? I wasn't aware this could be done...