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That was damn beautiful, Patrick!

Best wishes!

Keep up the good work, I'm sure Your dad and Ryan would be proud!

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Scoops is scoopin' once again!!

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@nags: Well, Jeff accepted my friend request today.. So there is a chance! :P

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Timezone: GMT+1

Games: Ps+ (games), Killzone: Shadow Fall and (maybe) Battlefield 4

I live in EU so won't get a PS4 until November 29th!

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@shinboy630: Well I haven't added some of the new people on the list because I'm not near my 3DS, at the moment.. :P

But I've added around 40 people at the moment..

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Trainer name: Leliana

Friend Code: 4012 - 4015 - 7112

Version: X

Safari Type: No idea

This is awesome! I've added everyone..

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Joined the backup crew!

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Wow.... Well that ruined my day.. :/

Can't really believe it yet. My condolences goes to GB and Ryan's family (especially his wife).

Rest in peace, Ryan.. You will be missed!

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Wow! What crazy news to wake up to!?

As sad it is to see Dave go, I can't think of a better person to replace him! Welcome back Rorie!

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I feel deceived!

You are awesome Dave and I'm going to miss You.. I hope to still see You a lot on Giant Bomb (Random PC Game must not end!!!!). Good luck on whatever You are going to do in the future!

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