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Working with glasses is a huge deal, looks a lot better than the crystal cove (latest version of the Oculus). Plus, more likely to actually come out at a half decent price.

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No idea, its not an update to the game though (that would go through steam) so it is probably just a winding down towards the service's shutdown. Pure speculation on my part.

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People are expecting high level graphics from old and outdated hardware, we have seen how far that the previous gen can be stretched. A lot of these screenshot comparisons are relying on two assumptions; first is that these are actually the same locations in the respective screenshots, looking similar does not mean that they are the same location and the possibility that a few areas have similar architectures is highly probable, the second is that the original demo visuals were run on a last gen console rather than a PC (there is no concrete evidence either way). Finally, a lot of people's anecdotal opinions are based off of twitch streams (horrible quality even at highest settings due to compression) and the small amount of game-play video already uploaded, both of which suffer from compression and only illustrate a small portion of the final game.

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The extreme twitch gameplay is boring to the majority of players, that is why it will never be as popular as COD, which is accessible to newcomers, or BF, which has more depth than anything else.

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PC streaming is decidedly more simple than last-gen consoles. PC streaming only requires a good enough upstream link and a program like: , you can find instructions through a simple Google search.

Console streaming is more difficult, and is also depended on what output you have/are using on the console. You'll need a capture device which will be able to take an input and make it available for storage on your PC, then at that point the manufacturers PC software will usually let you broadcast from there.

Keep in mind that the console streaming will be more expensive and you'll need to do research in order to make sure you have the right output on your console to match the input on the capture device. This is all useless if you have a low upload speed on your internet connection as well, check that before anything! (Unless you only want to do pre-recorded stuff).

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That second layer linked article is just bad. She does not know how to write or just decides that its best to make up a reality in her mind without any factual evidence to back it up. I really don't feel like going into detail. Why should I put more effort into this post than she did in that article? Its not sexist, you have a right to cry about it but I also have a right to ignore you and note that you aren't being forced to buy the game, so your complaints are pointless.

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SciFi adventure/RPG plz, we need more.

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Gmail is the best free service out there at the moment. Fully featured, great SPAM filter.

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Bioshock was one of my core go-to series, this sucks. I loved all of the games in the series, I don't think there will anything quite like it again. RIP

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I'd suggest getting one of the laptops in the Lenovo T-Series ThinkPad line (assuming you have a decent enough budge). Lenovo has a very high build quality and (depending on the model) has the option for discrete graphics (NVIDIA mostly).