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Bone in, they taste so much better!

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I tried to kill the Crooked Man before taking him to trial, but that resulted in a failed game. Was really jarring for a game that seemed to respect player choice.

At least I got to tear his head off instead of just throwing him down the well.

What? You must've done something wrong, because the game definitely continues if you kill him.

I tried it three times, making different choices in the conversation. He shot me dead every time.

That's really really weird, I went back to see what happens when you kill him (a totally less satisfying final scene) and it worked for me. Told him he wasn't going back, knocked the gun out of his hand, and choked him to death.

In the scene that happens instead of the trial if you kill him, you can make Bigby look like a massive dick, growling and threatening to kill people in their sleep. I thought the trial was a much better ending to the game.

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@xanadu: Yeah I was wondering what would happen in that match. Maybe Swagger comes out and starts fighting Rusev and the match ends with no winner?

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Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

I didn't cry as much as I thought I was going to (which is really a bad thing to say, what happened in this documentary was awful) but it's a thoroughly engaging, sad, interesting film that is paced almost like a thriller. Describes some awful, awful events. A very good documentary. 4 out of 4

If anyone wants some really fucking good documentaries, watch this, Exit through the Gift Shop and The Imposter. Exit through the gift shop is hilarious and is very clever, mostly I think it's just Banksy fucking with us. The Imposter is seriously good, really well shot and just a really great story. It's about a French guy who impersonates a missing 13 year old Texan kid. Very good, although I'm not sure how much of it was true and how much of it was just editing. However, it has the advantage of having the actual "imposter" as an interviewee.

Does anyone know of any other documentaries similar to these, or just any good documentaries? I really enjoyed them and want to watch more.

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that neon icon is my album of the summer, maybe my album of the year

As it should be. Neon Icon IS Summer Jams. Not to mention Fall and Winter Jams.


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I've had this game in my head for ages.

It was on ps1, and it was a sort of top down futuristic shooter where you played a mech cop that could transform. You were trying to save people and I am pretty sure it had Dragula on the soundtrack. If not that song, something like it. I played it on a ps1 demo disc back in the day. Thanks guys.

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Not really, but now I sure do

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This is such good news, I enjoyed playing co-op Guardian of Light so much. Think I may have even preferred it to the big reboot.