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I shot Kenny. I didn't want to, but he was losing it. When he and Clem were in the car, he said, completely out of context "I outta hit you". Also, when he was beating up Alvo and I tried to stop him, he turned and said "What, so you've lost your taste for this?" (I watched Carver die.) I left Jane because she was no better than Kenny. Hiding a baby just to have an excuse to kill Kenny was wrong. I thought it was a pretty good last episode to make up for what I thought was a kind of boring 4th episode. After all of this I'd have to say that I preferred season 1, because in this season as a whole it seemed characters did completely moronic things just to justify some conflict or choice. I'm still impressed tough and will buy whatever Telltale puts out next.

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I just can't listen to Paradise City anymore after Burnout: Paradise. It played every single time you started up the game and couldn't skip it for a good 15 seconds. I hate it.

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@oldirtybearon: Yeah, you're right. I've seen some older stuff and really liked it, but I suppose it's not the same as watching it unfold on a week to week basis. @darkstalker: Yeah, a lot of the over the top stuff I just lean into and find hilarious. Kane's insults to Randy Orton has had me and a friend laughing for a while.

Ps: I really want Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett to come back. Injurys suck.

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Reading this thread just makes me feel bad for liking WWE. I've enjoyed pretty much every RAW I've watched (started around Wrestlemania), but every single time I read this thread I see people just talk about how bad RAW is.

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I wouldn't be surprised if another version of the game with DLC comes out on PC and PS4 as "Rise of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition" a while after the Xbox One version. Still a disappointment though.

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I'm 99% sure that the Swapper on PC and Mac has controller support built in.

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It should have gone down like this...

Also, a lumberjack match between Rollins and Ambrose? Are you kidding me? It's got to change surely.

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Bone in, they taste so much better!

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I tried to kill the Crooked Man before taking him to trial, but that resulted in a failed game. Was really jarring for a game that seemed to respect player choice.

At least I got to tear his head off instead of just throwing him down the well.

What? You must've done something wrong, because the game definitely continues if you kill him.

I tried it three times, making different choices in the conversation. He shot me dead every time.

That's really really weird, I went back to see what happens when you kill him (a totally less satisfying final scene) and it worked for me. Told him he wasn't going back, knocked the gun out of his hand, and choked him to death.

In the scene that happens instead of the trial if you kill him, you can make Bigby look like a massive dick, growling and threatening to kill people in their sleep. I thought the trial was a much better ending to the game.