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 Everything they told us about how they're going to handle this was a flat-out lie. 
Oh we're not going to split the userbase or remove features, but here's a shiny THIS GUY IS PAYING US under his avatar, and also, we have a video telling you how being a free user makes you WORTHLESS TO US.
Oh and you're going to get better interaction with the staff, and a timely bombcast. 
BUT other than that, EVERYBODY IS EQUAL.    

You're post is full of crap. You call them out for lying about saying that they will not split the user-base or remove features, yet you can't even give one example of this. And guess what, you pretty much are worthless to them.
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I though part of the deal was that Microsoft got first chance to publish all their games?

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Fans defending their MMO of choice are always funny.   
A trend I really don't like are all these companies trying to put monthly subscription fees on games that clearly don't deserve it. Heck, it barley works for many fully-fledged MMOs. 

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Mass Effect was bad if you were retarded and insisted on doing the poorly made side quests/gathering. The main story line and gameplay that went with it was a heap of fun.

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Looks as bad as every other non tactics ff game.

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I'm pretty sure on the Bombcast they just made a quick joke about it but then said they don't really know anything about it. As for IGN... well it's IGN.

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This thread show how many video games nerds don't understand relationships lol. Friends joke around like that.

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Hey contards.... this does jack all to stop piracy. Single player will be cracked on CoD4 multilayer already needed a unique CD key.

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To get any fun out of the game you need to make sure you roll on one of the higher pop servers. If you roll on Dark Crag then you will till find the early game (tiers1-3)  to be populated and should get scenarios 24/7.

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