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Game ID is @KillerPidgeon

See you on the battlefield gentlemen.

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You've finally got me to change my Dark Knight Rises hype background after a whole year.

Thanks for this awesome background Duder!

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You've finally got me to change my Dark Knight Rises hype background after a whole year.

Thanks for this awesome background Duder!

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@Redsox44 said:

That's dumb, at least they get to keep their sweet logo.

It is a pretty schweet logo to be fair.

EDIT: There is something that smells off about this news though.

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Ki11erPidgeon on XBLA

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Hey duders,

I've seen the thread below about getting the Dreamcast hooked up to a hd tv but I want to put it through my hd pvr first to capture some footage. I can get footage easy enough but the game won't display on my monitor.

My set up at the moment is:

Dreamcast -> Composite/S-Video cable -> HD PVR -> Component cable -> HDMI Converter -> HDMI -> Monitor

Is this something to do with the HDMI converter? I was able to get this to work on a different TV last year but that was just through component but the model I have now only takes HDMI, SCART and TV antenna

Any help would be appreciated.

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Who's Jason Flemming? Is it the dude Nolan North voiced in Shadow Complex? Google and GB are giving me nothing.

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I think both sides of this argument you guys are having need to chill out for a bit, smoke a bowl, eat an edible, sup a beer, have a cig, get a tattoo, whatever gets you your kicks.

I smoke marijuana, I love smoking marijuana. I also love to drink (probably my worst vice, to the point where I deem myself an alcoholic merely since once I start I don't want to stop). I also like taking a break from it. Saying that, not everyone should use it, drugs do different things to different people. I live in the UK and personally we have a major problem with alcohol, both in consumption and how the government is tackling this. I can 100% guarantee that I will see a fight break out if I go out to the part of town where all the bars are, this isn't solely down to alcohol but it's certainly a catalyst. So I ask, why is that deemed acceptable? Why do the nearby businesses have to reach into their own pocket after some hooligan decides to throw a bin at their window? Why am I looked down upon because I want to smoke in my home, or in a secluded section of a park and play (video) games or discuss things with my friends. But again, I'm only one case, I'm sure you could find a hooligan who's been smoking marijuana, that's their character then. Why should I be denied something that makes me happy which I can control?

Personally, I don't see the UK being so lenient on marijuana use yet. But this movement by Washington and Colorado is a step in the right direction for personal freedom and it's a thorn in the War on Drugs side. A side which has failed in my opinion. Alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs, aspirin, sexual fetishes each have thousands of deaths a year. Marijuana has zero.

I will try to understand why people don't want it legal but I will never agree with you.

I don't want to get into a shouting match but the information is out there, there is also propaganda on both sides and there is slander but shouldn't we all want people to be happy?

(For added humour, go back back and read this in a zoned out hippie voice, it made me laugh)

EDIT: I'm also fed up of having to get it in secret, with no idea of what I'm actually getting. I'd like to go to a specific shop or dispensary and have a selection.

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I can withstand and am more likely to enjoy a silent protagonist in first person cutscenes but if the cutscenes go third person and my character has the inability to talk....NO DICE MY FRIEND!

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HEy Everybody

On a last minute whim I've decided to do some streaming, no guarantee on the whole 24hours but I'll give it a shot. My fundraising page is here and I'll be streaming on Twitch here. As it's so last minute I'd thought I'd just stay as an individual and see if I could reach $200. Hope to hear amazing things happening tomorrow from TeamGiantBomb. FUN FOR ALL!