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And delete one George S. Hammond as well...weird I didn't click submit twice just waited until it said I received points.

George S. Hammond

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I created new characters and I accidentally made two Jacks, one has to go.

Jack O'Neill

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I'm gonna be bummed, when they don't add new countries to the PSN. They talk about connectivity, but then leave countries out of the PSN.

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Actually when you select male from the option then after saving it's just blank, and when you choose female, it's male after saving.

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I also noticed this, when I saw that at least 3 of my previous top tens weren't there anymore. This, this and this were written by me, but now I only have 6 points on those pages, My total amount of points seems to be intact, but I can't be sure because I really don't remember what it was before.

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Hi, I created Blackfire page, but the character was actually Whisper. Blackfire can be deleted.

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@geirr said:

Maybe it's a tiny 'feel better' gift to Europe since we have to pay 50% more for games and consoles in some cases? (:

And those are countries that have the Store. My country is still not in the country list :/

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Hi, I clicked the wrong link when wanting to add a character and it resulted in this game page. Needs to be deleted.

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