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@killr0y: You already made a poor point, but then you fucking insulted Mirror's fucking Edge? HOW DARE YOU.

LOL, no I was actually talking about Brink.

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Is there a killer app for the 3DS? What if any game really showcases the 3D capability to its fullest, and provides for a 3DS unique experience? Maybe something that has some depth?

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Sad to see it takes a forum duder to present to us some PAX coverage.

I also happen to live in Seattle and have easy access to a PC and a decent internet connection when I go home after a day at PAX. Don't try to use my blog as some sort of measuring stick to for chastising the staff.

Not chastising anyone. I appreciate what you've done!

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TeflonBilly, you are a serious fuckwit. I oversaw comms for the DIPLOMATIC CORPS and USAID. You know, the people who are building schools, roads, irrigation canals, infrastructure, that sort of thing. You don't have a fucking clue about what goes on over there except the dog shit you read on the Internet or what crap gets reported by the media. We're trying to prevent women from being stoned to death for being raped by their uncles, and trying to prevent villagers from being butchered for refusing to grow opium for the Taliban. You are a fucktard to the highest degree, and a sad excuse for a human being.

He was being sarcastic, calm the fuck down. And, you are getting too emotional. You should step away from the keyboard for a bit. Seriously.

Yeah, because its funny to joke about shit people are being blown up or shot for. Maybe you should step away from the keyboard before you stick your other foot in your mouth.

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I just use Audio Technica ATH-M50's on my PC and The Turtle Beach Ear Force X41's for my Xbox

Edit: I'm not big into PC gaming so much as video editing, but I have heard good things about the Razer Tiamat headsets.

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Baillie speaks the truth. You think ILM's really require that much effort to edit and upload? Then you aren't aware of how easy nonlinear editing truly is. If you have an iPhone or an iPad I suggest you take a look at iMovie. I could have shot, edited and uploaded a short interview in the time it took you to tell us how much we don't know about editing video.

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Animasta said: I sincerely hope you know it's harder to record a video than it is to put up a story ---- Actually it really isn't. IGN and others have put informative mini-interviews up of CliffyB and others. I kind of expected GB do to a podcast over the weekend, or perhaps show us a few clips from some of the indy games, maybe even show us their panel, and panels never get edited, they go straight up to the interwebs in a matter of minutes. All you defending what amounts to laziness and increased deferrence toward actual gaming jornalism are burying your heads in the sand.

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I love how people pretend that "they don't work on weekends" is a valid excuse for special events like E3, PAX, etc. I mean, I wish I could just tell the President of the United States, "Sorry dude, I'm not supporting your overseas trip because it's on a Saturday, and well, I'll be out fishing."

Do you work 7 days a week and during holidays?

I did, for a year straight in Afghanistan. Most people work for companies that do hold weekend representational events, sponsored shows, parties, etc. Most salaried employees work additional hours as needed, and are in fact expected to do so. Hourly employees get what is called "overtime". Have you ever held a job?

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I would buy everything. That is, if I had enough money.

What will probably happen, just like with this generation, is I'll keep playing PC games, and then wait 3 or 4 years for console and game prices to become reasonable before splurging on a Black Friday. I'm finally picking up a 360 this holiday season, two years ago was PS3 season.

That's kind of the funny thing. I actually do have enough money to buy everything... But after owning a Wii, I'm left with a sour taste from Nintendo. Fool me once... The Wii-U has a lot to prove before I spend any money, if at all, on another Nintendo product.