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I'm getting it on the PS4 since i pre-ordered the white PS4.

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I hear there's a Sunset Overdrive bundle that comes with a white XBone. So I think I'm going tog get that one to go with my white PS4.

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Outrun man! That's my favourite game period.

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@believer258: I bought an Eye Toy when it came out and it was the same kind of reaction the Wii got when I showed my non-gaming family members for the first time. ALSO ANTIGRAV IS AWESOME!

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I met one of my best friends trough videogames. One time I was at a birthday party of a friend of my ex and I saw him on his phone reading We started getting into a huge conversation about EGM, OPM and all the big gaming magazines at the time. He was the only person I ever met who was into gaming journalism and just video games in general as I.

Now we've been friends for over 3 years and we even do a gaming podcast with another one of my friends who I met later and we hit off by talking about obscure JRPGs. Good times.

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I'm ashamed I'm going to add to this thread. But it's Bayonetta obviously.

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I usually get my music through digital download, mainly because I don't feel a lot of artists release good "albums" but are more focused on that one hit that will make them rich. On the occasion I do like a whole album the physical media of choice is vinyl for me.

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@starvinggamer: If it's a PS3 stick you might be able to get it to work using the PS3 to PC controller program MotionJoy. Never tried it for myself but it might work.

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@thegoldencat7: I'm totally down with this idea!

Also I just picked up my copy of Ultra today. Lets get to fighting NERDS! @pessh @dbz1995 @lilbigsupermario

Don't know if I should continue to play Abel or not. Maybe I'll move to high tier and just play Yun/E.Ryu

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So umm, I love Bayonetta and all but what is it with people putting reviews (or "revues" in this case) on the forum and not in the review section of the game page where they're supposed to go?