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I have the first premium member shirt but I don't know where it is in my house. So I guess before I lost it I wore than shirt pretty frequently but not it's all subscription.

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Even during the EVO game announcement stream they didn't mention that the console version would even be released in time for EVO. As far as I know they're using arcade cabinets to play the tournament there. So maybe sometime after EVO unless that all was a red herring and it's coming out before EVO as a surprise.

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I feel a big part of the lack of discussion is the fact that not a lot of people played the original Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. It was a Wii exclusive, that could only be sold by GameSpot, also it was discovered the GameStop held back copies of the game on purpose to artificially drive up rarity so they could sell it for $80-$90 USD used.

Monolith should of followed PlatinumGames standard of packing in the original game, versus selling it at MSRP value for the New 3DS/XL.

I don't know if they should but that would be sweet value. I'd rather they get the extra money from me buying both games so I can see more games from them.

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I thought that they said they weren't doing DLC anymore a while ago? Well I do like the arctic monkeys so maybe it's time to dust off the drums.

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I'd probably axe MMO's. Not because I don't like them but because I think I'd be 100% more productive without them. Also maybe because I want to stop seeing publishers go under because they think they can beat World of Warcraft.

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I know he'll do great work over there but the cynical part of me is waiting for a click bait article from him just because of where he is now. "Top 10 Ways Minecraft is Gender Neutral"

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Jaffe has always been the type of person who I think is important to the industry. Some of his games might be hit or miss but he always has this "I'm going to make the game I want and no one is going to stop me" attitude. And without that we wouldn't have had a great series like God of War. Say what you will about it's juvenile main character, those games are fun. Also fuck everyone who says otherwise but Calling All Cars was SUPER fun in local multiplayer!

I have nothing to really add about his opinions on the bombcrew but I just wanted to get my thoughts out there about Jaffe.

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Patrick! I'm going to miss you man. The type of content you brought to the site was thought provoking though sometimes I didn't agree with some of your opinions on the matter it brought up great conversations with my friends on the topic. Your skills are so amazing it's basically magic and I strive to be as skilled as you are in a field someday. You could just tell in your work that you loved your job, and that's why I loved reading your pieces.

Good luck in all your future endeavors.