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I'm in the same boat as @sunbrozak, if I were to get a videogame or hobby tattoo on my body I'd want it to not be super obvious that it's a videogame/nerd hobby reference.

The tattoo I've been considering for a while is the Joestar Birthmark from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on my back. Kind of like in this Dio picture.

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Yeah I'm going to be picking one up for Bayonetta. I'm trying to find a white one so it matches my PS4 though.

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If you're not limiting yourself to just videogame I'd recommend... pretty much any board game like Ticket or Ride, Ascension, Cards Against Humanity, and even D&D can be fun drunk if you put the time into making a campaign while sober.

But if it's just videogames I find party games like Mario Party and Smash Bros to be big hits. Even fighting games amongst people of even skill level as you. Drunk Street Fighter is some of the most fun I've had with videogames in a long time.

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Minus the loot cave nerf I, seemingly like everyone else commenting on this post, am kind of shocked at their choices when "balancing" the loot system. You get less stuff after a hard wipe of a raid? Queen's stuff not being able to get upgrade items which are already like impossible to find in the first place? Even simple things like Spirit Bloom seem hard for me to farm but I need it for some of my legendary and exotic gear. There's a line between making something difficult to grind out and making it annoying. They have crossed that line in many situations with this game.

But the good news is, SCOUT RIFLE BUFF INC WOOT WOOT!

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I've done that with a lot of games but I think I'll just name the one I want to come back the most.


I loved leveling up, killing enemies and doing all sorts of cool moves in those games.

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God Hand: The way this game sold I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only people to play and or beat this game.

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The great thing about games, and all other forms of art for that matter is that it doesn't have to be anything. Obviously you'll be more successful with something engaging to the people experiencing whatever it is but games don't have to be anything.

Look at something like Dear Esther I think that walking simulator is hot garbage but it is a game nonetheless, and because "fun" is so subjective other people who are not me think that game is amazing.

That's the great thing about games moving forward and the indie scene. Everything we thought videogames were and have been are being thrown out the window and we're seeing that games don't have to be fun in order to be games. They're another medium to experience a story with our own hands and interaction rather than sitting in a chair purely watching something unfold.

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Explaining to people what all the different parts of a computer do at Future Shop. It's all knowledge they don't give a fuck about and will forget once they leave the store but they think that being inquisitive and wasting my time makes them seem smarter.

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I'd just thought I'd ask in here but I just signed up for the premium membership for the PAX deal. Does it just take a little bit to kick in because I noticed I can't watch the MGS vids yet. Like literally signed up a minute ago so I might be a little impatient lol.

Edit: Never mind it kicked in.

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I usually just stick with the default names. I feel like I'm missing something from the story if I change the names if they let me.

But if it's a blank name I kinda go buck wild but still make it sound normal so I'm not just looking at a character named "bonerwad" the whole time or something.