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@believer258: I think it's so that people don't get influenced by what other people are posting.

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@humminglight: I also recently got into Perfume! My two favourite songs so far are Night Flight and Natural Ni Koishite.

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Honestly out of all the cars in your list I would go with the Dodge Charger because it's the nicest in my opinion. But I personally own a Mazda 3 and have had it for 7 years now with no problems at all. They're really reliable cars and great on gas.

That's just my two cents though. (Canadian cents though, so I don't know how far it goes in USD's)

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I've really only done it just to finish the game out of principle. I've never gone back to a game I know I've hated unless I needed to play it to get certain information from it.

The last game I finished that I actively disliked while going through my first playthrough was Lightning Returns. Before that it was probably Dishonored.

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It's totally worth it if you're just looking to play a couple games. It looks nicer on the shelf and it doesn't take up a lot of space, so it's not this big eyesore once you're over playing those types of games but don't want to unhook it because "Maybe I'll play the games again".

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AnimeVice was really fun in the beginning when I was focusing on the wiki and stuff like that. But after a while, when I wanted to check out other parts of the site, I noticed they didn't really have any video content, and in a lot of the written content they relied too much on memes, which was really off putting to me. I felt the whole part of GiantBomb, Screened, Comic Vine, and Anime Vice were the personalities, and Anime Vice didn't really have any of those in my opinion.

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I have the first premium member shirt but I don't know where it is in my house. So I guess before I lost it I wore than shirt pretty frequently but not it's all subscription.

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Even during the EVO game announcement stream they didn't mention that the console version would even be released in time for EVO. As far as I know they're using arcade cabinets to play the tournament there. So maybe sometime after EVO unless that all was a red herring and it's coming out before EVO as a surprise.

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I feel a big part of the lack of discussion is the fact that not a lot of people played the original Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. It was a Wii exclusive, that could only be sold by GameSpot, also it was discovered the GameStop held back copies of the game on purpose to artificially drive up rarity so they could sell it for $80-$90 USD used.

Monolith should of followed PlatinumGames standard of packing in the original game, versus selling it at MSRP value for the New 3DS/XL.

I don't know if they should but that would be sweet value. I'd rather they get the extra money from me buying both games so I can see more games from them.