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That picture makes it all worth it.

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Lighting Returns...

  • Every quest is a fetch quest
  • Time mechanic feels tact on and doesn't really add anything to the game other than frustration
  • Because you level up during quests completed and not battles completed battles become very very tedious.
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Might be a little out there but my friend kept going on about how good this PS2 game called Urban Chaos: Riot Response was and I just didn't believe him because I didn't see any coverage for it at the time, but after playing it, and the multiplayer with some PS2's lan'd up it was really really fun.

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@rubberluffy: God I really hope that they continue with Jojo after part 3. All the parts after that are equally as good if not better. I would love to see how they would animated Diavolos stand from Part 5.

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Uhhh..... What.

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Feels like Facebook is taking the old Disney approach of throw money at things until it makes us a profit.

Also I still am not really excited for the Oculus Rift at all. Don't really understand why so many people are hyped for it.

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I was trying to comment on some forum posts and I was not able to using Firefox. I switched over to Chrome for those comments and it worked, but the weird thing is I am currently using Firefox to write this post.

So yeah for some reason I am able to use the text editor while creating topics but not while commenting on forum posts. When on the text editor, hovering over icon darkens them so it acknowledges my mouse is hovering over them, but any click doesn't register. Also when clicking on the text area nothing happens and I am not able to type in it by tabbing down to it.

I don't know if anyone else has had this problem or if this problem has already been posted before, if so my bad about the double post.

Firefox Version - 27.0
Windows 7 (64-Bit)

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Giantbomb Cast - Haha yeah right they don't really talk about games on there.

Polygon - I really enjoy their articles, they have interesting pieces on the deeper side of the industry or little one off stories like the one with the voice actor for John Marston in Red Dead Redemption.

Joystiq - I use this site just for general news stories.

Silicon Era - Everything weeabo and Japanese.

US Gamer - These guys are slowly replacing Joystiq for me.

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I've played it for a while with my friends decks. My favourite deck was the Zeal ride chain. Really fun game.