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This is brilliant, probably the best thing on the site right now.

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@Slumberpunch said:


What the plot and story may have lacked, Charlize Theron in spandex made up for.

You sir, thought the same thing I did ^^
As for the actual thread, "Silent Hill: Revelation". I'd give it a 3, maybe 4 out of 10. I really liked the first one, but this one is just crappy.
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@Branthog: Just take your time, man-- you're doing all the work so no one can complain really. So yeah, thank you :)
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@Aete: I've spent quite some time with PoE so far and from what I played I can honestly say that it has the potential to be the best game ever in the genre-- the economy system is brilliant, the way they handle skills is amazing and allows for incredibly unique builds, the crafting/item enhancement stuff allows for so much customisation and of course, the passive skill tree is just bonkers (but in a good way!). Can't wait to dive in :)
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@scalpel: Try watching "Monster" if you like a realistic psychological horror thriller with great character development ;)
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@Branthog: Don't worry duder, just focus on getting better :)
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Hello, is there anybody out there...?? Still can't access my images tab :(

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My profile is currently set for friends only, I hope that's not a problem... I can always change it, though. Just let me know!
  1. The Walking Dead
  2. BioShock
  3. Avadon: the Black Fortress
  4. Frozen Synapse
  5. Flotilla
  6. Universe Sandbox
  7. Castle Crashers
  8. Red Orchestra 2 GOTY
  9. Elder Scrolls IV: GOTY Edition
  10. Bejeweled 3

PS: sadly my inventory is rather empty.... all I have are 5 copies of DOTA 2 if you're interested in adding them to the list-- although I think everyone's got that at this point...

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Pardon my French, but your friend sounds like a big ass douche. Still, and for the sake of friendship (although I personally wouldn't want anything to do with a guy like that-- but hey, that's me), talk to him first. But my advice would be to always tell the truth.

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The pause button is your friend, never forget that-- you can issue commands while the game is paused, so that helps a lot.
Also, try to upgrade your doors early on and then just watch those pesky invaders run out of oxygen and die as you open the airlocks behind them ;)