Fear of the Dark - Favorite Horror games

I'm not absolutely certain about the order, but there you go, my favourite 12 horror games.

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Posted by mylifeforAiur
Posted by KillyDarko
@mylifeforAiur: I've actually never played that game... but will try to do so soon, hehe. Thanks for the tip! :)
Also, I'm only just finally playing Amnesia: the Dark Descent and lemme tell you, if the game continues to be as good as it as been so far it'll probably make first on this list. It's definitely one of the best games of the year!!
Oh, thanks for the list recommendation as well!! ^^
Posted by mzuckerm
@KillyDarko:  I loved Amnesia too.  I think it's got to be on a list of all-time great horror games, and somewhere in the hunt for game of the year as well.
Posted by Agent47

If it is not in order, which you said.Then it is good, otherwise I would never except Dead Space over Silent Hill.Good list non the less.

Posted by Mystic_Eyes

OH WOW...This list is totally cool...well, about these games, I've finally started playing Silent Hill (PC version) with the help of my uncle 'cause he knows he's way around it and he actually finished all the 5 endings and up to now he's still playing it in his PC even though he's done it over with their PS...hahahaha...he's sooo addicted to it...I've tried Alone in the dark but I never got to win over the 1st encounter of the dark shadow in the room...I tried playing the male character but never got the chance to get in the house... >.< 
My very 1st game of something like Counter-Strike was Half-life...Half-life was like the movie "ALIEN" (Sigourney Weaver) and I was so into Alien stuff at that time that's why I played it...I've seen my friend play R.E. 5 (PC) and would love to play it with someone who knows his way around it (ya Killy, it could be you if only we were neighbors..LOL...) 
DOOM 3 caught my interest, only by watching it played by others...hahahaha...I'm still a chicken even though I love scary stuff...What can I say? Sorry for still being a lady...LOL... XD 
About DEAD SPACE, I've seen it in X-PLAY and it was pretty interesting too...Wish to try all of these with someone who's an expert of these games... :3
Posted by oscar
@Agent47: Agreed. Dead Space is awesome, but as far horror games go, Silent Hill definitely wins.