Trying to get back into Borderlands

Hey all, just a little thought popped into my head, I picked up Borderlands the week it came out, played it for a few weeks, I really did enjoy my time playing the game, and the elemental weapons never cease to make me chuckle :p, though I still have yet to come across a corrosive gun. I got to level 21, and by the time that happened, I had picked up Uncharted 2, and that kept me busy for a while, after that I started playing Demon's Souls and I just stopped playing it for a long time. Only one of my friends had it at the time, and his internet isn't the best, he could barely play any online matches, so for him the lag in coop made the game unplayable. Now one of my other friends, has finally decided to pick it up. 
Though I dont know if he'll be playing it anytime soon, because he just texted me a picture of his shiny new copy of MAG. I'll try to get him to coop this weekend, as when I put the game in yesterday, the only person who joined my game was some dude who had a very high level, who kept trying to duel me instead of trying to help me complete the mission. I ended up kicking the jerk off my game, sadly no one joined for the remainder of the hour or so that I played. I'm going to go back and play some more later, hopefully I'll have better luck, and if you have Borderlands on PS3 and have a mic, please do add me, my PSN is Kilzombie21 :)
On a off-topic note, I spent 3 hours on my art coursework today, I managed to finish the page i started today, added some designs to previous pages, and I got pictures printed for my interim evaluation-something i  should have done 3 weeks ago. Its good to see that when I do sit down and concentrate on my work, that stuff gets done and progress is made. Also, I would like some feedback on my photography you can view my pictures at


About time for an update

Hey all, been ages right? Well, hopefully this will be the start of me getting back into blogging, though what i write may be meaningless ramblings, atleast I'll have something to do :P  Let's get started then! Today's will be a simple update, what I've been playing, what I'm intending to pick up, there's not much else on my mind right now.
 What I've played recently, well, I picked up Demon's Souls when it came out in October, I played it for a few hours, got owned so badly, that I gave up and put it away on the shelf for the next two months, which were occupied by games such as Uncharted 2 and Assassin's Creed 2. Though around Christmas, I ran out of new games to burn through, so I decided to give Demon's Souls another chance, and from that point on, I was hooked! I am now at soul level 43, a specially powerful theif/mage combo, which has been pretty good so far, I've beaten 1-1/2, and 2-1/2 and 3-1, currently starting on 3-2 which is proving to be especially creepy. Though right now I'm holding off playing, as I'm waiting for my friend to get to my soul level, so we both can coop through the levels(or atleast try :P) I wonder how setting up games with your friends would work, as there isn't a invite system.
So instead, I managed to get a copy of Mass Effect for the PC, though I have to run it on medium/low because of my shitty laptop, so I don't know if I'll be able to enjoy it that much, I have been playing alot more offline games though, namely Uncharted 2 and Infamous, I would go back and hunt down the last few trophies in Assassins 2(feather hunting!) and Batman, but I've lent those to my friend, so I'll have to wait a few weeks before I get them back. So instead, I've been hunting treasures and medals in Uncharted, and finishing off my evil(and hard difficulty) playthrough in Infamous, and getting the rest of the Blast Shards and stunts. Both of which are BITCHES to complete. I also picked up the God Of War Collection, which I have yet to get through, I only played for a few hours though, It plays much better than how I remember when I played them on PS2 last summer, and trophies are just an added bonus!
Also, as an early birthday gift, I received a copy of Bayonetta, which as practically everyone has pointed out, it is FUCKING RIDICULOUSLY CRAZY! Never have I been so bewildered and so thoroughly entertained by a game so much. Though it is a shame that the pace is ruined by the game's unnecessary loading. I know everyone's bitched about this already, so I wont waste time complaining about it. But damn, 5 seconds to load a fucking pause screen? That. is. PATHETIC. Though that does not mean I hate the game, in fact I find it very enjoyable, albeit a bit disappointing. I'm on chapter 10 now, though I haven't started it yet.
As for upcoming games, I'm going to borrow Darksiders off one of my friends, once he's done with it, as I'm kinda limited when it comes to cash, and I keep hearing the game is really good, so I want to give it a shot. I'm also looking into Dante's Inferno, it's interesting, I didnt LOVE the demo, but it was enjoyable. If I manage to have some spare cash lying around, I might consider picking it up. Next on my watch list is Heavy Rain, I loved Indigo Prophecy, and I can't wait to get my hands on this, hopefully we'll be treated to a demo sometime soon :D. There isn't much that I can say, that hasn't been said a million times before. And as you know, after that, we've got God Of War 3 and FF13, I'm still on the fence on FF, I never was a huge fan of the series, I played FFX, and that was about it, I never even finished it. One other game which I don't hear many people talking about is Red Dead Redemption, that game looks freaking awesome! Its definitely one of the games I've got an eye out for, I'm patiently waiting for more news to come out about the game, I'd love to hear what you think about it.
I think that's about all that's on my mind right now, until next time!
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Quick Update, Dirt 2, Batman!

Hey all, just wanted to finally update, I've got a week off school this coming week, so I'll be getting plenty of gaming done!
So, a quick rundown of everything that's gone on since the summer:
I traveled to Prague and Turkey, it was fun!
I got Batman Arkham Asylum, I loved it, only a few trophies left, the challenge room ones, they're annoyingly difficult, and playing the game on hard, which is also very annoying! The game is awesome though, by far the best game I've played all summer!
I also got Dirt 2, I love it! I loved Grid, but I got sick of it, so I sold it, and Ive been regretting it all summer, but now I'm glad i didnt pick up Grid again, because Dirt 2 blows it out of the water, the game is just AWESOME! I love driving around in 1st person view, getting water splashed onto the windscreen is actually scary! Crashes are awesome too, and online is pretty fun too.
I borrowed Call Of Juarez Bound In Blood, I played a bit, then got bored and never went back to it, its gone on the backburner now. Also, a list of games on my backburner that i should be getting done with:
Dead Space, Red Faction, Killzone 2- I really should go back to those games, I cba though, I just can't get into them!
School started, I'm only taking 3 subjects this year, so I have free time during some lessons, where I can get all my homework done, which is a plus, as it frees up more time at home, I do have to do 2 pages of research on an artist, (each page A2 sized), write a full biography-in my own words- add pictures of his work, add my own pictures that can be connected to his work, and then present a written and visual response, i.e a drawing of something that I think is of the same theme, from my own photos. It's all due on the day we get back to school, I read up on the artist today, pretty cool stuff, will get to writing a 1st draft of his bio tomorrow.
Now, to a list of games that i want to buy this holiday(this could change based on reveiws on release!)
Borderlands, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Modern Warfare 2. I'm sure there are other games I want to buy, I just can't remember them right now. 
ANYWAYS, thanks for reading!


Im back!

Hey all, i was away for the weekend, had a nice little trip to a resort. I had an awesome time, and my regular gaming should continue normally. I will be leaving again in about a week or so, and that trip is going to last for about 3 weeks. So I hope to put up atleast one more big update here on the blog before I leave.


Quick Blog, Lots of Games!

Heyy all, just a quick update on some of the stuff thats happening.
I got my school report yesterday, i got my predicted grades, and they were all pretty good. I also got a new laptop last week, which is pretty awesome! Especially for travel.
I've also been plaything through Red Faction: Guerrilla, which I think is AWESOME, the singleplayer is fun, though I haven't gotten that far into it, as Ive been distracted by the multiplayer and wrecking crew modes. I'm really enjoying it, though I kept getting owned in multiplayer.
I got GTA back from my friend, and I've been playing through it, and I've been trying to play it the way it's meant to be played(read: NO CHEATS!) because I think what really ruined my experience last time was that I kept using cheats.
I got Big Surf Island too, I plowed through it in about 6 hours, got all the smashes, boards and jumps in that time, I also did all 10 online challenges, The Olympus Car is AWESOME! I really like this pack, I definetly think it's worth the 12 bucks.
I'm still continuing my treasure hunt/hard difficulty playthrough of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, I plan on getting all the treasures, and get the hard difficulty trophy in this playthrough. I want to 100% the game this summer. I'm also planning on plaything through Bioshock and Tomb Raider for trophies.
I also picked up The SIms 3, and so far, it's got me hooked back into the game again, I really think it's the best sims game to date. I love the seamless neighbourhood, it really makes going out to community lots so much easier and fun.
And lastly, I got a annual subscription to qore today, as this episode had the original Spyro The Dragon, and that got me sold, so I just decided to get myself the annual subscription, who knows, I might get into some betas in the future. Other than taht, I can't think of much else to say, so until next time!


Games Games Games!

Hey all, just a bit of an update on everything, I'm going to be talking a bit about E3(yes I know you've heard enough already, but I'd just like to mention some games that I'm interested in) and some of the games I've been playing lately.
So, about E3, well you've probably seen all the impressions and opinions everywhere, and you can just skip over to the next part of my blog if you can't be bothered to read through this. First off, I think Natal has mad potential, I might consider getting an Xbox again once it ships, still skeptical though, as it could be a total disaster too. I was not really impressed by Alan Wake, yeah sure the graphics are crazy, but the weird shadow monsters made it feel like "Generic Survival Horror Shooter X" I even watched the gameplay demo again to reassure myself, it did not impress me. Splinter Cell on the other hand looked really good, it has some very good visual style, it's definitely piqued my interest. Though the Metal Gear announcement was suprising, I wasn't as shocked as I was last year, I guess their attempt to bring down the whole internet with a bombshell announcement  didn't exactly work this time around.
Now since I had to stay up until 2 am to watch the Microsoft and EA conferences, I decided to stick around and watch the Ubisoft conference aswell, and we all know how that went, it was so boring, and the only thing that kept me from shutting off my computer, was the slight hope that they'd show off something cool, like I Am Alive, or Beyond Good & Evil 2, but did they show those games off? NO they just showed us the same Splinter Cell demo as the MS one, and then a CG trailer for Assassin's Creed 2. I was sorely disappointed, they could've announced some awesome games at that conference, but instead, they just went on and on about shit I dont really care about.
I did like Sony's conference, as they showed off some games that I was really interested in, and announced some new games that I really liked the idea of. I bet you've all seen the uncharted 2 gameplay footage, it's awesome right? Yes it is. So was the God Of War 3 demo, earlier today I watched that scene where Kratos rips the guy's head off and the one thing running through my mind at that point was "DAMN THAT IS AWESOME!" and no, I do not think that they've gone too far with the gore, it's God Of War, not God Of Daisies! I can't wait to get my hands on this game next year.
As for the Uncharted 2 Beta, I snagged a code from a gametrailers contest, I got so exited when I saw my inbox XD. I downloaded it and played a few matches of Coop and Comptetitive multiplayer, and both were really fun! Though I wonder how some players managed to get ahold of the gatling gun and grenade launchers, as I've never managed to get them. If you wan't to play some coop, just add me and in the message just say that you're from Giantbomb. My PSN is Kilzombie21.
I also really liked ModNation Racers, like LBP, this seems to have endless potential, though I'm wondering if its a PSN release, or a Disc release, either way I'm probably going to end up buying it at some point.
The Assassin's Creed 2 demo was so badass, nothing(well, maybe except Kratos) beats jabbing two guys in the neck with your hidden blades! It looks as if they've fixed all the issues with the first game, and added more on top of that, I can't wait to get my hands on it this holiday, as I did enjoy the first game, even though it was flawed. As for the Motion controler they showed off, I liked the tech demos they showed, it also has some mad potential, though I think the controller looks like a hybrid sex toy microphone, I think that they should definitely redesign the controller, or at least make it seem less bulky. I was disappointed that they didn't show Heavy Rain at the conference, though watching the newly released gameplay, the framerate seems a bit choppy, though I'm sure that'd be fixed once the game ships. The new trailer looked awesome though. I can't wait to see more. I think that's it for E3 for me.

Now onto the games I've been playing.
I managed to accidentally save over my evil infamous save with my end game good guy save, so I had to start a new save all over again. Doesn't really matter though, I'm almost upto the point where I was before I fucked up my save. Also, since my old Uncharted:DF save was the one without trophies, I wanted to play through the game again, on hard difficulty, and I'm trying to get all the treasures too. I'm planning on getting 100% on that game during the summer. I'm also planning on playing through GTA 4(or atleast try to play through it) once I get it back from my friend. I'm also supposed to go get Red Faction, and a new PSN card this weekend, I can't wait to get my hands on the Big Surf Island pack coming out on thursday. I just hope they price it right. I also got all the trophies in Flower today, I managed to get the last 3 at the same time, which were "Dream"(Find all the secret flowers) "Nature"(bloom 10,000 flowers)  and "Urban"(Completely awaken the city). It's a shame there wasn't a platinum trophy for the game. I'm in the process of patching Killzone2, and Bioshock-yeah i never got around to patching it, I want to play through it again soon. Anyways I think that's it for now, thanks for reading!


I should really update my blog more often...

Hey all, I got a short break between my exams this week. I had my Design Tech exam yesterday, and it was fucking stressful! We had an hour and 15 minutes to basically think of, develop a product, and draw an accurate representation(with measurements) then evaluate it, based on the question asked. The other half of the exam, was graphic design, we had an hour to do that. The first part of section A was easy, and so was the second part. The third, however, was a total whore of a question. It didn't make much sense, and I only had 30 minutes to complete that and another question from section B. I left it blank and went straight to section B. The question I chose was straightforward, draw a bar chart, then enlarge the image they give you. I fucked it up twice, wasted 20 minutes on it. I had less than 10 minutes to finish off the question I had left out in section A. I checked my other answers quickly, by the time i had gotten to it, I only had time to quickly sketch out what I thought was the right answer. Time was up and I had to hand in the paper. I've got my chemistry paper 3 exam next monday, I'm trying to study for it, but unfortunately, chemistry is something that I can never comprehend.

Gaming wise, I got Infamous last week, and I played through it on good, and now I'm on my second play through as evil. I friggin love this game! It's really fun to play, and the controls are really tight and easy to grasp. The powers you get are awesome, and climbing around buildings is easy and fluid. Though it makes me wonder why is the character's animation so robotic when they're talking to each other, when Cole's combat and platforming animations are so awesome? The platforming feels like playing a Sly Cooper game(that's a good thing!). The story sucks you in, and its pretty good, quite a few twists along the way, a couple of which I wasn't expecting. It's definetely worth the full price. I also picked up Rag Doll Kung Fu while it was free. It's ok i guess, kinda boring when you play it alone, it could be much more fun once I've got a few friends over. I also got Bionic Commando Rearmed off the PS Store, since it was only $4.99, I like it, it's pretty cool.

Other than that, the only notable thing that's happened was that I finally got my very first platinum trophy! I got my last trophy(not including the addon ones) for getting 10 showtime road rules, and with it, I got my platinum trophy! All thats left  for me is the bikes stuff, and the cops & robbers stuff, I haven't got the party pack though, I might pick it up some other time if the price drops. I'm getting exited for the new Big Surf Island expasion that's coming out soon. I just hope they price it well, considering the original game is 20 bucks, and just the base game itself gives you over a 100 hours of play time. I would NOT be very happy if the price is over 20 bucks, 15 is pushing it, though I'd probably still buy it. I still can't believe I bought the toy cars for 12(or was it 15?) bucks.

I'd also like to say something about the new Heavy Rain footage that's been released recently, to me it looks like a bigger, better and more refined Indigo Prophecy. Which is a good thing! I really liked IP, and I'm sure I'm going to love Heavy Rain. It really has some mad potential, I'd love to be able to play it.
Other than that I guess there isn't much to talk about, especially with E3 coming very soon, too bad I'm probably going to miss the live confrences, I've got exams on those days, so I can't stay up to watch them like last year. lol I still remember how all the major gaming sites went down right after the MS confrence because of the FF13 announcement, that was epic.


A question...

Hey all, sorry for not posting in a while, i've been pretty busy with my studies and all, so this is just a quick post, my next blog should hopefully be in a weeks time, as I've got a 1 week break between exams then, and i'll be done with my exams by the 16th of june, until then, wish me luck!
PS here's a question to all, do you remember a game called Primal? I remember playing it when i was younger, I dont remember the story exactly, and I never finished it because the disc wouldnt play. If you've ever played it, I'd like to know what you thought of it,and if you would like a sequel/remake to be made for the current gen consoles. Thanks :)


I'm Graduating Tonight!!

Woo! Our graduation ceremony is tonight! There's a ton of other stuff I want to talk about, but for now I want to focus on this. Graduation has always been this far off dream that I though would never come. I can't believe its actually happening tonight! We were at the hotel ballroom where the ceremony will take place, to practice how we'd come up to receive our certificates and how to enter and leave. They're pretty strict about it, as some very important people will be watching tonight. We had to enter in pairs, and when we turned, we turned at right angles(wtf indeed) and we had to be completely silent. Basically we have to sit in silence while the school owner, chairman, director, principal, our head teachers and all of the head management give their speeches, then go up when our names are called to receive our certificates. Sounds boring right? And I think the gowns that we have to wear are very cheaply made, fucking school charges a fourtune, and yet the quality of their uniforms continue to decline! The real fun doesn't start until after the party, everyone's booked limos to take them to a restaurant which has been completely booked by all of our year group, and we're going to have a huge party there. I can't wait!


Awesome Party....!

Hey all, its been a while, I've been distracted by other things, mainly stuff to do with school, my upcoming graduation and external examinations(I need to study mooore!!!!!). It's been quite an eventful week, the highlight was definitely Friday night, as that was the school prom, which was insanely fun! Since our school doesn't have a big enough space, every year they rent out a ballroom at a hotel, and host a party there. I didn't go last year, and since this year is my last with all my best friends, I decided to go. I didn't have a date though, which didn't matter, because the ballroom was turned into a nightclub from the minute the music started. It was pretty crazy though, as the dancefloor was pathetically small even though there was tonnes of space, so we were all dancing and jumping in a very tight space, my feet got stepped on -by girls with high heels might I add -and I'm pretty sure I accidentally hit someone on the face with my elbow. The DJ was pretty cool too. Though by the time I left, I was almost completely deaf and my ears were ringing from the loud music, and they haven't stopped ringing until earlier today. I guess that's all that's on my mind right now, I got some more progress done in Persona 4, I got through the 3rd dungeon, and now I'm just waiting around for the next bit to come around.