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Surely tablets with cellphone service can be used to make and receive calls, right? So far I have only seen people mention using the service for data.

Has anyone here used a tablet to for phone calls? Specifically, I am looking at Windows 8 tablets which have sim card slots.

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Yeah, the sneaking around was better than ever, but also a little too much.

The saints missions as well as the missions in the graveyard, I just took everyone out. You couldn't leverage a disguise in those situations very well, which I thought was fair, just tiresome. Its funny because I had been waiting for there to be a Hitman game where the mechanics where there to make dodging and sneaking around possible. And now they are here, but perhaps with too heavy of a focus.

The only thing which is holding the game back is level design, otherwise I don't think there is anything intrinsically broken about the game. I am hoping that the DLC will include new missions which are in public areas.

Otherwise, I thought instinct was actually an improvement. Its basically like the map from previous games but in front of you. The way disguises work seemed to be an improvement as well--they are powerful enough without being ridiculous. However, because of the level design discouraging disguises, I can understand how a lot of people felt things were nerfed.

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Hitman has always leaned more towards reproducing the stereotypes of an area instead of actually trying to be accurate.

In Blood Money, during the levels which took place in Mississippi/Louisiana, the chatter between NPCs had a heavy, heavy, ridiculous sounding southern accent. They would literally refer to each other as "Billy-bob", and talk about "dem gators."

Similarly, Chicago was stereo typed as some sort of aging, heavily populated American city, with heavy immigrant populations and fat incompetent cops.

That sort of stuff has always been rampant in Hitman. The devs use an area as inspiration and then just run with it--so yeah they didn't do any serious research. They instead just type-casted Hope as some bodink, white, backwards town, in the dried out plains of America. The fact that it was in South Dakota was pretty incidental--probably only done for Mt. Rushmore.

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Damn, you guys are like the akinator of video games. Thanks a bunch.

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I'm trying to recall and old quick look which I think was of Vinny and either Jeff or Ryan.

It was a 2D game set in a dystopian future, and you were a detective. Near the end of the QL, they sneak into an apartment via the sliding door outside. Then they roam around in there for a while until someone comes in and shoots them. I'm pretty sure the game had a heavy focus on dialogue trees.

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Hmmm, I wonder if they really had a set amount of copies they were willing to sell at that price, or if it has gone out of stock since gmg has released the keys for preload.

Ah, well. Guess you missed out by just a few hours.

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Awesome. Thanks for the heads up. Just cancelled my Amazon pre-order which was $20 more.

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On the main game page the composers listed are Peter Peter, and Peter Kyed--don't know if they have a record with previous games. Honestly, kind of bummed its not Jesper Kyd.

As for the story, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the girl is Diana's daughter but is also 47's. She used his DNA or some bull crap, thus its his kid...and this girl is supposed to be 47's absolution--not the act of saving her, but her actual self--the only good thing to come from him.

But I haven't really payed that close attention to the hitman story, so whatever.

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Its hard for me to recommend anything but a WRT54GL with a custom firmware. I ran one as a bridge for an IP security camera for two years and never had to reset it (I reset it once or twice when changing settings, but never to fix a dropped connection).

I have used powerline adapters as well, and assuming your house is wired the way the adapter expects everything should be great... although the ones I had did get fairly hot, and also required occassional resetting after high traffic. But I'm sure some adapters are more reliable than others.

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As usual the candidates are nothing more than glorified car salesmen.

There are teams of people behind each candidate which determine what position the candidate will take, what they will say, where they go, etc. Even worse, these teams are trying to get their candidate to win--typically that goal is not in the favor of the average person.

To me it seems shameful to vote.

On the bright side though, its not the fault of the politicians, its our fault. The candidates and their teams know how to sell the sizzle and not the steak, and they know we will fall for it.