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I was wondering if someone could send a key my way?

Steam Username: Kimchi4u


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98. You can kill every damn soldier in a base but you will not liberate it if that dog, who must hold some sort of military rank, is still alive.

99. Your posse of Rakyat warriors seem to always show up after you liberate a base, not before.

100. Stumbling across an empty vehicle, a dead person, and package of medicine means that you will make it just in time to deliver the supplies, no matter how long that vehicle sat there.

101. Rabid dogs must be put down with rpgs and flamethrowers, according to the locals.

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I beat the final boss after dying to it and then hiding behind the barricade just at the entrance. I'd shoot it until I started to take some damage and then I'd crouch (yes, an actual use for crouch). His missiles can't hit you while you're hiding behind the barricade. Granted, I'm playing the mechro and my robot buddy did a lot of the damage.

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Need For Speed: The Most Wanted Burnout 2 :Paradise

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I don't know. I took down a fairly large ship that had sectoid commanders as the frist enemies I encountered and an ethereal as the ship's "captain." I'm still seeing every enemy type except for basic sectoids and I think I'm nearing the end of the game.

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@jeffrud said:

If I weren't playing on Ironman, the name Lieutenant "Bonus" Ito wouldn't mean anything to me. Now she's the highest-ranking soldier I lost during a Terror attack in Edmonton. I learned to cover advances and keep space between soldiers when her and the rest of the squad were all killed. Reloading would ruin everything about XCOM that makes it good to me.

In Edmonton? Aliens would never attack here, would they?

I haven't reloaded yet, but got into some major serious crap when my Korean wife asked me how my Korean soldier, Yong Sam Yoon was doing and I told her that he was the only one who didn't make it back.

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Early / Mid game I run with the following:

2 Support - One is specced leaning towards medkits and the other is smoke grenades. Both have the perk to move 3 extra spaces. The guy who isn't specced medkits carries an arc thrower. He is a alien stunning badass as well as a great scout.

2 Assault - They're pretty much specced the same way. One has rapid fire and one has flush. Flush is great when you have a bunch of troops who see an alien but don't have a high percentage to hit. They carry arc throwers or nanofiber depending on where I'm going

1 Heavy - I use him for suppression and rockets mostly. Nanofiber or scope depending on my mood.

1 Sniper - I chose Snap Shot because Squad Sight isn't useful all the time. This way he can still run and gun. His battle scanner is also great for forming a plan of attack. He uses a scope of course.

I use overwatch excessively, even on terror missions. My standard tactic is to run in with my long range support soldier and fall back if I find any aliens. I move my other guys up and either shoot or put them on overwatch and wait for aliens to come to me. This has lead to my squad collectively one shotting berserkers before they have a chance to get too close. Even if they do get close, I have everyone set up to take them out.

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Overwatch works really well with dealing with the alien base. That and making sure to reload when convenient.

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He should be immune to critical hits, shouldn't he?

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I think that a soldier's will score is also affected if he or she is wounded (or gravely wounded). I remember reading that somewhere. Your newly acquired soldiers from mission rewards could have a higher will because they haven't been through the meat grinder yet.