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Good responses. I'm with a bunch of you guys. I used to buy everything for 360 but the last dashboard update really put me off the 360. Not sure what it is about it but it's really aggravating trying to find things sometimes. So lately I've been purchasing more PS3 games and really enjoying the XMB. I don't play online very much so it seems to work out pretty well.

I also recently purchased a Vita and it seems the PS3 compliments it really nicely with being able to access your profile/trophies on both of them.

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Like many people out there, I own both consoles and enjoy gaming on both consoles. Both have some great exclusives and both have great features. The problem I've been encountering lately though, is deciding what console to buy games for. I realize that they're both almost exactly the same in terms of games but it's always nice to have the majority of your collection on one platform.

So multi-console owners, what do you buy the majority of your games on?

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With inFAMOUS and Heavenly Sword falling I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a pretty decent week in the world of backlogging. Neither game took a ton of time but both have been staring at me for a couple of years, begging to be conquered.

inFAMOUS: When inFAMOUS came out I never actually had a PS3. I remember it came out right around Prototype and I was in the camp that thought both were pretty much the same game. They were both 3rd-person action games that had you running around a city doing missions and wearing a hoodie. What I didn’t realize at the time was that inFAMOUS, while similar looking, plays about a hundred times better than Prototype. I had no clue this game was so great but finishing it and knocking it off my backlog has me wanting to pick up the sequel when it drops a little in price. Very impressed and very happy that I decided to give it another shot.

Heavenly Sword: All I can really say about Heavenly Sword is “WOW!” I remember seeing the commercials for HS when it came out in 2007 and thinking that it looked pretty awesome but since I didn’t own a PS3 I kind of forgot about it. About a year ago it dropped in price and I decided to add it to my collection for when I had nothing else to play, forgetting just how amazing this looked when it was released. This weekend I was reminded. In my opinion Heavenly Sword is one of the best looking games from this generation of gaming, which is almost impossible to believe considering it came out over 3 and a 1/2 years ago. The gameplay can get a little redundant but for a 6 hour game I feel that I got my moneys worth ($20) out of it. I’d love to see a sequel come out one day.

Now that I’ve notched off 2 quick games I think I’m going to check out something a little more robust – Yakuza 3, I choose you!

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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was the first Zelda game I had the chance to play since 1992′s A Link to the Past. There really was no reason why I hadn’t played one of the many Zelda titles to come out over the years, I just never really had the time or the console to play them on. Since the Super Nintendo I had never purchased a Nintendo console off the shelf, so with that, never got a chance to experience any of the newer Zeldas. I can gladly say that that has finally changed.

This past Thursday I sat down in front of the Gamecube with the sole purpose of completing Wind Waker and after 5 hours of straight gaming, I can proudly say that I have experienced the magic that is Wind Waker. Over the past decade I have heard people gush about how underrated the game was and how if given a choice they would ask for another title in the same vein of the 2003 classic. I can now say that I agree with that statement. Sure it has cartoony graphics (which hold up amazingly over time) and a lot of people really don’t enjoy how much sailing you have to do, but WW has something that many games that come out today do not – heart. It set out to be a fun enjoyable journey and accomplishes it in a stunning fashion.

It took a little over 20 hours but I can say that I immensely enjoyed my time with Wind Waker. It actually made me feel like a kid again and when you get to be my age that’s a great feeling to have every once in awhile.

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I called it quits when I hit disc 3.  The story is the best part of the game, while the actual gameplay gets repetitive and boring.  I can understand why some people like it but it's just not for me.

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I will buy this.  I will buy this and love it.

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Last Guardian is going to get a date. 

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I have a new credit card on the way so that's all good.  What pisses me off is that I have to call the gas, cable, and electricity companies to change my automatic credit billing.  Thanks Sony!

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This video brings back a ton of great memories for me.  Faxanadu was a very under appreciated NES game and it featured some of the best music of the generation.  The password screen music is a tun that has always stuck with me and now it's made even better by some European looking dude and his guitar.  Enjoy.
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I'm starting to relax on going for the points.  Right now I'm sitting at 89,000 Gamerscore and I've finally just realized that it's pretty pointless.  I think the best thing is playing a game you enjoy and going for all the achievements if you really love it.  This is what I'm planning on doing from now on.  I'll play a game and if I don't enjoy playing it then I'll stop playing it.  Time is way more of an issue than anything else in my life right now so I think I should probably spend it on the games that deserve it.