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@bluefoxxy: Would you mind starting off with "I'm a screaming, raging child because I don't like Patrick" instead of ending with it next time? It'd save us all some time.

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Pretty sure this has to be a joke of some kind. Surely we haven't plummeted this low just yet.

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H-hey Jon. Any chance I could have a go at those?

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No but really, which GT are you referring to?

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I figured I'd try my luck here and see if any one of you duders would like to team up and kick (possibly punch) some Teemos in ranked. Thing is, I'm currently stuck in Gold IV and I keep getting dodgy team mates (and as of late, games where I know we will lose right there at champ select), and I'm leaving for a 6 month trip in.. 19 days. I'd like to make it to Platinum before that, hopefully. Maybe.

I generally jungle, support or at times, when necessary, play a somewhat decent ADC.

Would be neato if someone would hit me up either over GB or on League. Username: 'Kinapuff'.

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While not eating will certainly lose you some weight eventually, I'd argue that eating small portions of food spread throughout the day (5 or so meals) while combining that with some decent exercise will help your weight loss even more so. That way you'll keep your metabolism going, and burn calories efficiently.

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@veektarius said:

Does he do anything other than the talking? Based on his volume of work, I guess I always assumed that he doesn't.

He writes content and I believe he produces some shows on there. He just recently got back to writing reviews for some Disney Infinity content.

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Gametrailers wouldn't be the same without our very own Brandon Jones. His voice and contribution over the year has become somewhat iconic, and is definitely one of the reasons a lot of people follow up on the reviews over at GT.