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@Dany: I suppose it is a new technology, its good to be cautious; like those warnings in the SNES days of using a Rear Projection Television in conjunction with your console. It is a little difficult to imagine anyone adhering to the suggestion, like back in the day you were meant to take a 15 minute rest after every hour of playing a video game; who did that? What parent enforced that? They were probably happy to have the Nintendo function as a babysitter for 8 hours straight than worry if their child was going to develop square eyes.
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 I just wanted to say, words change. Their impact changes. Their meaning diversifies. If anyone was seriously offended by my saying fuck, I apologise. I didn't know a blog post was broadcast across the Forums, its been a long while since I used GiantBomb. Anyway I just changed the title to Huh? In the New Year spirit of being less offensive.  

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The Nintendo 3DS: TAKE A BREAK FROM THE 3D GAME EVERY HALF AN HOUR. Then... live in a real 3D world for 15 minutes before coming back. Fuck?    

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I smile in every single photograph taken of me. Why not, I got FANTASTIC teeth.

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I'm not. I work in an industrial factory and wear a Star Wars T-shirt to work, its actually a Stormtrooper with a bushido sword and Kanji on the right side, with the rising sun in the background. But unlike the 'socially awkward', I'm married and get laid on a regular basis; or I lay, depending on the position and how sore my back is.

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@Bucketdeth said:
" Why are so many new posters reviving extremely old posts today? "
Because it is relevant to today's market demographic. Duh.
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I've been loving my Natal all 2009. Best invention of 2009, alongside 3D Holographic Jaws

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You just had to invoke SMB 3 didn't you? Fucker. Now I have to buy it. Great article!

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Tower Defence games are becoming my favourite genre, not sure why or how this happened. I think it was when Defense Grid came out on PC, then I got an iPhone and bought almost every TD game on there... and now it has invaded my Xbox 360; Awesome!

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Drink. Alot. Just to the point where I begin to think I'm listening to Eric Prydz when infact its just Giantbomb, I get smashed with Giantbomb, especially with their PAX podcast episode.