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Anyone else experiencing this? I'm on the home page, and I've snapped the browser window to the side of my screen so it resizes automatically. The site then keeps resizing itself between the snapped window and full window layout, making it impossible to click on anything because it's all moving every second or two.

I'm using Chrome in Windows 7.

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Re: speedrunning,

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1. Don't Starve

2. Civ V

3. Hitman Blood Money

4. Deus Ex Human Revolution

5. Wizorb

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yessssss FTL

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@Little_Socrates said:


I, too, will be out of town for Turkey Weekend. My girlfriend's family will just have to deal with my anxious hand-wringing over Clementine's possible fate.

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Just wanted to add to this list in hopes that growing numbers will lead to some sort of fix. Chrome/Win7/etc. Audio continues, video freezes and hangs up chrome.

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Is there a major delay between when Steam achievements are earned and when they appear on the site? I just finished Walking Dead ep 2 and logged on hoping for another S-Rank to pop up, but my Steam records don't show anything since June 25.

Is this a Steam issue or a GB one?

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I solved the alphabet myself, mostly because I felt otherwise stuck and because I had a strong intuition on what the vowels were. The satisfaction of reading the alphabet after figuring it out on your own is incredible.

I got most of the numbers on my own (used the "numbered" treasure maps as a clue) and then felt stuck so I confirmed on the Internet. And there were one or two puzzles I looked for help on, mostly because I knew what information I needed but wasn't sure how to use it.

All that said, I haven't decoded/looked up the Tome and the Black Monolith stuff yet. That's all I have left.

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It's possible? Anonymous did hit the CIA again the other day.

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@Sweep said:

It's slightly depressing that the removal of Dota2 from my life results in my brain turning into cardboard. I actually caught myself sitting at the computer for 5 minutes doing absolutely nothing except waiting for the steam servers to come back online. That game has turned me into a fucking automaton.

Hear that. Still having problems myself.