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For the people saying this is irrelevant or masturbatory, the fact that a borked system like Metacritic can influence whether or not people retain their jobs is reason enough to explore how we might begin to replace product reviews with actual criticism.

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anyone know where i can get that Ico artwork for my wall?

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Thanks everyone! This has been very helpful thus far.

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Loving that I spurred a discussion! 
Yeah, I'm looking at this sort of like professional athletes, so if you know folks who've been doing this a while (even as sort of a weekend warrior), either message me their info or I can message you mine. 
@ Binman88   @Suicidal_SNiper This is the exact debate I'm looking at. Does working on something every day take some of the joy out? Yeah, you can love it, but the grind of it can kind of suck. 

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I'm currently penning a piece for publication on whether or not going professional takes the "fun" out of gaming and am looking for some pros to chat with. I thought the GB community might be able to help! Reply or message me if you know anyone.

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Text for specific stories is great. Regular video would also be cool! Daily news podcasts might get to be a bit much.

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@Purplehaze1094: is there a fix for it?
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I'm playing a rogue on the Xbox and have noticed a drastic reduction in my attack speed. I can't believe it's just because I don't have any weapons buffing my attack speed. It actually looks like my animations are super slow. 
Has anyone else noticed this? Or is it really just because none of my daggers are buffing attack speed?

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@eagle6002: the occasional breaks are the funniest parts of the show.
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Has the Steam store been down for anyone else? I've tried to load it several times over the weekend (the Magicka QL got me all antsy) and I keep getting a "Failed to Load Web page (unknown error) -118."  
Am I alone in this? If so, how can I fix it?