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Thanks Patrick great read. It is amazing when people get the chance to help dev teams like the Double Fine guy

One small correction, you missed a zero in the link for the a $400,00 Kickstarter project

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@Demoskinos said:

@mosespippy: Nothing. I just find it weird that anyone would be so actively for removing content in a game when you can completely ignore it. I don't see how that impacts your enjoyment of the game unless you have major OCD issues or something.

I think that if the time that 38 Studios/Big Huge Games spent making the extra side quests Jeff had left (after 60 hours) was spent on another quest line or two then the quality of the game would be better. I am all for long games but as Jeff said if it was a 25 hour experience then it would have been a better game.

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Games based off movies. Simply because they are always very poor. I do understand that when a developer picks up a movie license then they are locked in to contracts that force them to make the game in a short space of time so that it comes out for the cinema release. They also have no artistic license with the content that they have to put in the games they make so they are rarely compelling.

At least some of the Resident evil films are ok I guess. Well actually no they are just as bad really. But I'd be surprised if game companies would put as much of a restriction on the movies. Anybody know anything about that?

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Always a Warrior.

Mostly because the Rogue class lives and dies on how good the AI is at detecting you (usually its either way to good or not good enough to be interesting) and the Mage usually requires a higher level of play as you have to manage lots of bars (mana/magik, health and ability cool down etc).

Also because I played a lot of warriors when I was a kid I can't really go back.

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God i can't remember the last time i played a SOCOM game.