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You can normally see this kind of honesty from Japanese devs. Ubisoft isn't doing anything new, but at least they're acknowledging the issues.

Regarding whether Sony/MS should be accountable, the answer is no. Their only responsibility is to make sure a game doesn't crash/intrude on other running software, and enforce any other rules they set in place in order for a dev to pass certification. Anything else is all on Ubisoft.

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So do we start running to Ustream now?

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Thanks for the interview Patrick! I'm happy that Giant Bomb covers FGC stuff, especially now that Max McGee is no longer at GameSpot, and I don't think they're going to have any more fighting game features.

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Sad day for GameSpot. I'm going to miss Max's fighting game features. He was the only one who really had an interest in them, and knew what he was talking about.

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Old, but will forever be relevant.

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I, too, think you should try to play through Radiant Historia.

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It's interesting how frame rate is suddenly a hot topic since this new generation began. 60fps games have been around for ages.

As for my preference, I always prefer 60fps, but I understand that not all games require it. 30fps is only an issue in action/fighting games, or any kind of game involving speed.

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I don't have Pushmo World (no Wii U), but here are my old codes for Pushmo 3DS.

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I'm guessing Nintendo will be releasing some sort of micro console. I'm curious as to what kinds of games they will make for these emerging markets, though.

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For those asking for game control on the Gamepad, it's not that simple. Certainly not when games offer multiplayer, or no classic controller support, or odd configurations like Monster Hunter 3 allowing you to use the Wii Remote connected to the Classic Controller. There are too many game-specific configurations to allow for a one-Gamepad-controls-all solution.

This is very true, and something that a lot of people overlook.

All I want is to be able to use it for games that support the classic controller. It's not like I'm asking for world peace, I just want to play Xenoblade Chronicles with a controller that feels comfortable in my manly hands.

Fair enough. I want that too. But it just seems like people are thinking that making all the games work with the gamepad out of the gate is a trivial thing. If it was that simple, it would've been done.