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As someone who trades in games once I'm done with them and who isn't averse to a second hand purchase, I'd find it incredibly handy if the Game wikis listed when a game comes with an online pass or not, especially as not game games clarify this on the box.

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Voice your concerns directly to her. Doing some sexual that you're not totally in to is a very degrading experience. You lose self respect and chances are she will pick up on your discomfort anyway and won't enjoy it.

Talk to her frankly, she'll understand and will probably suggest starting off with some lighter or drop it all together.

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Max Payne 3 or UFC3 really not sure which their both so different really.

Also Witcher 2 on 360 but not sure I'd count that.

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Sounds like a well reasoned argument

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@WinterSnowblind said:

@King_Bonzo: At the start of the game you create a "pawn" companion. The rest of your party is comprised of pawns from random people online, so it's pretty similar to the Dark Souls "message" system.

But there's no direct multiplayer. The actual gameplay is more or less a cross between Monster Hunter, the Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls.

So your getting AI controlled versions of people? kinda lame, this game seems like it's be great in 4 player coop.

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I was surprisingly impressed by this game. I wasn't expecting much from it, but it's exactly what I've always thought Monster Hunter should be.

The lack of multiplayer is a bit of a disappointment and I probably won't be getting it launch.. but it the gameplay is a lot of fun and it seems to be a really deep game.

I thought there was a dark souls esq multiplayer where you can summon other players as pawns? or am I wrong?

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I'm into it. It was a little to hacky for me to put it on my must buy list but the demo was alot of fun. Climbing up on the griffin and chimaira (thats the lion, snake, goat combo boss) was very cool, I'd hope there's some kind of parry and counter mechanic I'm missing though because the melee combat felt a little too button bashing to hold up over the course of an entire game.

One to look out for definitely.

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The message is clear, developers want you to pirate the PC versions of their games.

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@Rave: Travelling was a bitch yes but made it seem more real. The panic of having to fix your truck while being attacked on all sides is something unique to that game. It took some time to click for me too.

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@Akeldama said:

@WickedFather said:

Far Cry 2 - boooooring

Lost Planet - fucking bullshit

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Shite - booooooring.

Far Cry 2 bored you?

Far Cry 2 was one of those games where you put in as much as you get out of it. I had some crazy scenarios emerge while playing that game purely by chance that Infinity Ward would have killed for.