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Looking back I was really dissapointed with Gears 3. But worse games of the Gen? Silent Hill Homecoming was one of the few games this Gen I couldn't bring myself to finish. Perfect Dark Zero I couldn't even bring myself to finish the first level.

Also Far Cry 2 was awesome.

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@PosableActionFigure said:

Hey remember when they released the director's cut for blade runner which made the movie way better and no-one fucking complained?

Maybe you fucks should actually give this a chance before parroting the "artistic integrity wahhh" line that you don't actually understand but you heard a bunch of games press harp on about it so you figured that you'd go along with them because you wouldn't want to be "entitled" now would you?

In summary, eat many dicks.

most level headed post EVER

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Nevermind I disbanded and recreated and it seems ok now!

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Hi all

So I set up my own camp basically to get achievements but for some reason when I start a game through the camp or the normal way the result doesn't get added to my camps record. For example since setting up the camp I've had about 6 matches but my camps record is still 0-0-0.

Any thoughts?

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Beautifully shot LSD trip of a film featuring talking foxes, female circumcision and William Dafoe ejaculating blood.

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@bennym6: He doesn't

I meant Carlos has a better chance of beating GSP than Diaz that's all. Academic now anyway I was way off with all my predictions lol

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Big Country by KO in the first.

Kos by KO is the second.

Diaz by UD.

I see a triangle scenario coming up with the welter weight title. Way I see it Diaz beats Condit, Condit beats GSP, GSP beats Diaz.

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I hope to God Lyoto KO's Jones. I just want him to shut the fuck up about destiny and being where he';s meant to be! you're a fighter not a fucking prophet you dolt.

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@AhmadMetallic: couldn't agree more. Yet still people comment, gotta keep that circle jerk going ;)

@Video_Game_King: hypothetical masturbation :)

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@AhmadMetallic said:

@King_Bonzo said:

Nobody Cares About Your Opinion But You

You're entitled to your opinion! P.S. no one cares about it but you.

prime example of what I mean. You're not asking a question or bringing a new opinion. You're basically wanking into the comment box right here.