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@Video_Game_King: Discussion is totally different. Anyone who comes to comment to impart new info, ask or answer a question is engaging in an act of interaction which couldn't be correctly classed as masturbatory.

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@Little_Socrates: it was IGN :(

The validation argument enforces the masturbatory aspect of it. "I comment so other people will agree and make me feel good." It's all onanism.

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I find commenting to be an extremely masturbatory act (Commenting, not discussing). A blog is just a comment no one asked for so I guess this makes this piece a big jizz in the face of someone who really would have preferred to have stayed jizz free. The act of going out of your way to voice your opinion rather than keep it to yourself has always seemed this way to me, so I guess that makes me a wanker too.

A new Modern Warfare 3 game play trailer has been released, it looked pretty neat, plenty of seemingly in game footage and actually got me interested to see the finished product. It did not get me to voice this opinion below the video.

(It didn't get me to write this blog either, the subsequent comments below said video did, that said I'm just sectioning off my comment away from that site and bringing it here. But then this blog isn't about the trailer more the response to it and other articles, videos and what have you. Maybe that's ironic but I don't think it can be irony if it's self aware.)

There was the expected flame war between BF3 fanboys and MW3 fanboys below the video prompted from a "How much for this DLC?" comment on the video with various "my dick is bigger than yours" and quotations from The Rock... seriously. And I got to thinking what prompted the "How much for this DLC?" comment? Well clearly opinion but then why share it? No one but you cares about any opinion you hold. This statement is largely true in life and ALWAYS true online. Ever debate anything in the pub? See how much time you spend listening to the guy opposite you as oppose to waiting for your turn to speak. This is all the more true when the topic is something we feel strongly about.

The Internet has bred a sea of people who comment, blog and vlog (IRONY... but self aware so fuck off) in the bizarre notion that their opinion is worth voicing. The vast number of times it's not. How often do you see a comment like "Not gonna pick this up" or "awesome :D:D:D:D" or "FIRST!". The people who type such a comment below a whatever it may be.... do they honestly feel that this is a contribution to anyone's day? If they do then they're probably socially inept or below the mental age of 15. If they don't, if they realise that this comment with affect no one in any considerable way but say "fuck it I'll type it anyway"; they are filling the internet with their onanism!.

Discussion is totally different. Anyone who comes to comment to impart new info, ask or answer a question is engaging in an act of interaction which couldn't be correctly classed as masturbatory. The old adage "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing" could be adapted to comment sections for "if you have nothing interesting, informative or funny to type, type nothing." Of course what is interesting or funny is subjective so just stick to the informative to be safe.

This may have been my most rambling ramble yet, not even sure if that comes across as coherent.

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@TekZero: hmmm I assumed otherwise... touche Mr Zero, touche

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@NoK said:

I am so completely flabbergasted by the whole thing.

You really need to play the original.

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“After Brian Stann and I do business, Dana and I will sit down like we always do. We'll review a whole bunch of Strikeforce contracts. I imagine my paper airplane collection will get a lot bigger if you guys know what I mean and then we'll decide if I will be granting Anderson Silva a shot at my championship.”

Chael Sonnen is king!

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@MetalMoog said:

Jon Jones will win because GSP says so and that guy knows MMA like nobody's business.

GSP doesn't know squat about fighting though. Rampage is a brawler, never discount a brawler, all it will take is one clean shot.

@AiurFlux: The GSP fight was a good example of Kos breaking character after he loss the match, he hypes up the fights by wearing the black glove because he know's it'll sell pay per views. Boxer's have been doing it for years, the only guy I think may be genuine about this stuff is Chael Sonnen, but that could be cause he's just so good at it.

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@AiurFlux: Kos would love to see this post :D you realise it's all an act with him right?

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I think rampage plays the jerk, personally I'm always against the new up and comers against the old dogs. I hope rampage wins.

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use more paragraphs!