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@bennym6: @HandsomeDead:

Wandy's getting Cung Le at UFC 139.

Not too familiar with Le to be honest never really got into strikeforce, say's Wandy replaced Belfort, I'm stoked he's getting another crack of the whip.

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@Winsord: Not sure about that as I said the signal thing was at full for a couple of the matches. I agree with you though it wasn't this way when I first got it.

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I've been playing Fight Night Champion today and after four lag drenched matches I'm seriously considering trading this game in next week for Gears 3. I really don't understand how a game that has two people involved lags more than a shooter that has 32. I've traded in for this reason before, in fact last time it was EA MMA. I'm not sure if EA just suck at net coding or what, but fifa doesn't have this issue either, it just baffles me.

Also feel cheated that I got this new to access the online which has out of the blue decided to break. This could be a temporary maintenance issue I guess.

Any other Fight Night player's having similar issues?

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That'd be quite generous of you to do if that wallpaper wasn't so dull. How much to we reckon one of the head office temps threw that together in his lunch hour?

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@Axxol said:

If there is a God, I think it would be disrespectful to only pray when times are incredibly rough.

second QFT !

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@PokeIkzai said:

I love mature atheist. Funny how they're just as bad as they people they hate in their immaturity. ^_^

EDIT: Sorry it's just very frustrating going on message boards and seeing these life hardened 20 year olds who believe they're so much better than any religious person and how they're so intelligent. It's like grow up a little bit, aye?


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@StickyW3b: No apology necessary :)

I've never got the whole Hell aspect. Part of me feels it was just a Roman invention to keep the Pagan's in line, from what I've read of the bible (which isn't a lot) I don't think Hell really comes up all that much. You'd hope that people like Hitler got their comeuppance after he clocked out if God does exist. But eternal fire? A fallen angel? I dunno, it doesn't concern me too much. I'm (modestly) a decent sort and if God's up there I think he approves of the person I am. If he's up there.

And what you said about being damned for cursing him out? well... kids curse out their parents all the time. The Parents worth bothering with don't hold it against them.

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@StickyW3b: Well I never mentioned Hell or Christianity. Who says the Christian's are right? Don't mix up religion with the possibility of God. I have a feeling God hates religion.

The problem when you come at this from a anti-Christian or general anti-religion perspective is that you're assuming God would only exist in that framework.

I used the whole Heaven thing to explain why God might allow for things like Cancer. What's his potential criteria for entry to Heaven? God knows (LOL) The alternative is that Heaven is false and he doesn't care. Doesn't mean he doesn't exist.

In relation to Hell I seem to recall something about judgement day absolving the sins of those in Hell? No clue if I'm right on that one maybe someone more educated in Christian theology can tell me.

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@StickyW3b: we were fighting?

With disease it's all a matter of perspective. IF God exists doesn't it follow he's likely to view time on earth as something akin to how were view a child's first few years. Where you go through scrapped knees that seem like the end of the world, you go through fights with your siblings that at the time seem to flow the very pinnacle of hate.

Now our reaction to these events, which we all go through, is minimal if at all because we know it's just the first steps in something much larger. Maybe God feels the same. Cancer feels like the worst thing ever now but once you're in heaven you'll laugh at how much fuss you made.

It's all perspective. The perspective of an omnipresent, eternal super being regarding the hardships suffered in the first 80 or so years of an eternal existence, well he isn't going to view that with much weight now is he?

Not saying this is right, just a possibility but maybe God see's our suffering here as something that just needs to be gotten out of the way before we die and really start living. Like bumps, scraps, playground fights and sibling arguments.

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@StickyW3b: If he did exist and he did intervene in Germany during the 30s and 40s or in africa today he would be removing our free will. This is pretty basic stuff, part of what elevates us as people is our free will, the ability to make judgements and act as we see fit. If any God was a come down and say "NO! Don't kill those jews!" or feed the starving in africa then free will and consequence would be moot and life would be pointless.

Every single problem you just pointed out was our doing, not some creator God who gave us tools and a home that we then proceeded to fuck up royally. This whole "if god doesn't help he isn't there" argument never holds up. You could argue he doesn't care. You could argue that as an eternal being who knows full well we'll be in an afterlife anyway he's willing to accept a little misery for an eternity of bliss if your nice?

I'm not any where close to hating you mate it's just your argument thus far isn't coming across as well thought out...