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Do I pray? No, there might be a God but if so then I dont want anything to do with him. Hes ruined so many things in my life along with others. I hope theres not a God because if so im going to hell for cursing him.

This opinion always makes me chuckle. Lets look at this God you would potentially hate because he ruined things in your life. Because if he did exist then he gave you your life correct? Lets just process that concept that he gave you existence. That's a pretty fucking incredible gift and I'd say pretty much makes up for any shit scenarios you come across that you blame him for.

It's like saying, oh I dunno, "My dad gave me a house for free but the pipes leak, it got broken into and it only has single glazing so now I hate my dad!" He gave you a free house you ungrateful jerk!

God gave you existence you ungrateful jerk!

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America by Razorlight

The perfect maelstrom of inane lyrics, a whining annoying rasping voice and a boring riff. I worked in a shop that had this song on rotation for months and every single time it came on it was like needles under my toe nails.

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@HandsomeDead: Cro Cops recent performance makes me want to weep :( Pride was just a more striker friendly environment, explains why Big Nog, being a grappler, has been so successful in the UFC.

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@bennym6: I'm torn by the whole situation. I don't want to see him hurt but he seems healthy now so if he wants to fight? I dunno I'm probably more split on this issue than the blog put across...

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At UFC 132 Mixed Martial Arts and Vale Tudo bone fide legend Wanderlei Silva entered the cage to fight Chris Leben. The match was billed as a possible fight of the decade. Both men are known for their violent brawling style, Leben has a caste iron chin and survivor instinct, Silva is known for his berzerker style and killer instinct. This match up had classic written all over it and was almost guaranteed to end in a knock out.

It did. Wanderlei Silva fell to one of the most sickeningly violent knock outs I have ever seen in the UFC. It started with an opening hook from Silva which landed clean on Leben's chin. Leben replies and rocks Silva. Silva is clearly dazed by this single shot and he moves to get the Muay Thai clinch rather than retreating to compose himself. While he's trying to sink in the clinch Leben fires of a barrage of brutal upper cuts all of which land clean. Silva crumbles to the floor and Leben follows up with hooks to the prone Silva before the match is called at 27 seconds. And Wanderlei Silva's world has just changed.

Even the most die hard fan of Silva (and I am a die hard fan) will admit that Wandy has never looked as good in the UFC as he did in Pride. Lets not forget Wanderlei held the Pride Middleweight belt for five years. He was literally the Anderson Silva of Pride. He went 18 fights without a loss finally losing a decision to Kiwi Heavy Weight, Mark Hunt.

Since coming to the UFC Wanderlei has not shown the same venom or ability he showed in Pride. Barring a glorious knock out of Keith Jardine at 205 lbs and a well earned (IMO) decision over Michael Bisping at 185lbs Wanderlei just isn't winning as much as he used to, and this KO at the hands of Chris Leben seriously underlines the question: is Wandy done?

Wanderlei has gone 7 and 7 since and including his loss to Hunt. The record itself isn't damning, his overall record of 33-11-1 is still impressive but it's more the manner of these losses that hits home. The knock outs he has received from Dan Henderson, Rampage Jackson, Cro Cop (another Pride legend finding it hard to gain ground in the UFC) and Leben were not just KO's, there KTFO's on a, as I said, sickening scale.

Dana White eluded to a Chuck Liddell esq forced retirement after UFC 132 for Silva. Chuck was forced out by White after being destroyed by Rich Franklin due to White's concern for Liddell's health. He said after UFC132 "[para] I just don't want to see this happen to him again." To be honest neither do I, but I'm not sure if he's done yet.

The Axe Murderer has lost yes, he's lost bad on occasion, but he hasn't been losing to small fish. In the UFC with the exception of Leben Wandy was defeated by former world champions only. He's also made Michael Bisping look amateur when they fought in Australia. Bisping is a very dangerous Middleweight and he simply could not hurt Wandy. Leben is possible the most dangerous pure fighter in the middle weight division, the man, like Wandy, has no fear.

I want to see Wanderlei have at least one more shot with the UFC. I understand White's concern but recall: as sickening as the KO from Leben was Wandy was up and coherant soon afterwards and back training with Shogun Hua and Jason Miller within days. If Wandy wants to fight again I feel he should, the damage was sickening to see but evidentially he recovered quickly. So who does he fight? The Loser of the upcoming Sonnen vs Stann fight springs but maybe not straight away. Jorge Rivera could be interesting as could a re match with Rich Franklin. My memory of their first fight is one of Silva being drained due to the weight cut which wouldn't be a problem now and as Franklin won that by a small margin (IMO) I feel that could be an excellent match. Akiyama would be good also, if only because both men have recently lost by brutal KO's and are possibly looking retirement in the face. A Belfort rematch would be amazing but I feel todays Vitor vs todays Wandy wouldn't be competative. Vitor would steam roll him. Alan Belcher also springs to mind.

If he loses the next fight then I'd accept forced retirement and keep the fond memories of one of the best to ever fight in the sport. And if you think about it who better than Wanderlei Silva to join Randy Couture as an ambassador for Mixed Martial Arts? Whatever Wanderlei does, like white, I don't want to see him seriously hurt. He's one of those fighters that (real) fans just feel an affinity for, and whatever he does the real fans will still love the man.

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Another one, Insta-death 
Unless the game is some kind of realistic shooter like rainbow six or operation flashpoint nothing should be able to kill me in one hit. It does not, repeat, DOES NOT, make the game more challenging it just makes it either an exercise in randomness like in World At War on the hardest setting where you're life expectancy is in no way related to your skill as a player. Or a massive grind as you play the same bit over, and over, and over again, as I am currently doing in Shadows of the damned. 
Fuck this game mechanic.

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@tallTuck94:  very true but if that's the guess it should pop up with a skip option once it's loaded. Anyway Shadows of the damned and Crysis 2 definitely do not do this.
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Dear all game developers ever, please stop putting the following in your game. They fucking annoy me.
Unskippable Cutscenes 
This is something that always gets my goat. Unskippable cutscenes need no introduction really, we've all fallen prey to them, and they suck. You've reloaded an old save, begun the game a new or for whatever reason seemed suitable for you you just want to get to killing things. WAIT! We have a 6 minute cut scene you NEED to watch first. Why do I need to watch this? Because the game says so that's why! 
Personally this always kills the flow of the game for me, especially if it's a shooter. I usually just turn to my laptop/book for a while and keep an ear out for when the whole needless bother is over with. Now I'm in no way opposed to cut scenes mind you, they can be awesome as well as essential for plot driving but give me the option to skip them if I want to. There's really no excuse for this. I could maybe grasp it if the game recognised this was an initial play through but even then what if I've played the first few levels on my friends system earlier? huh? game!? Didn't think of that did you. 
  Unskippable cutscenes can fuck right off. 
Recent example that springs to mind: Shadows Of The Damned, Crysis 2
Checkpoints Placed Directly Before The Above 
This isn't just about cutscenes this one, this is more a checkpoint that's placed right before a piece of character dialogue, or a conversation with an NPC. This also only really comes into play when the game is hard. For example when playing Halo: Reach on Legendary and I will not stop dying. The only thing that's going to annoy me even more than being shot down by the same fucking Banshee 64 times in a row is hearing Jorge spout the same fucking dialogue at me 64 times in a row! 
What's worse than this though? Well if you have a game that mixes action with dialogue trees. Mass Effect or, more notably from my recent experience, Silent Hill: Homecoming. What's worse is when there's a checkpoint placed right before a dialogue tree that is followed by a boss that will kill you... alot. So each time you die you now have all that lovely dialogue to go through hitting the same responses before you can tackle the thing that did you in. If the spoken dialogue is unskippable too then we're in for a real treat! 
Examples that spring to mind: Halo series, Silent Hill: Homecoming 
More of these will spring to mind no doubt, I'm sure people have their own examples...

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Fuck me side ways there is NOT ENOUGH TIME between his crack turning yellow and him recovering in order for me to hit him with the hot boner. Not. Enough. Fuck. Ing. Time. 
Any one beat him on Legion I need some serious help. My current tactic on the third stage of fleming is to stun him out of his green shield, 
 unload my dentist into him which sometimes turns him yellow, sometimes it doesn't, but when it does I switch to the boner charge the shot and one of two things happens: 
1) the shot is on target but for some reason doesn't stick. 
2) it sticks but he instantly recovers 
I am "this close" to selling this game. Shame cause I've loved it up until now.

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@TwoOneFive: It's character building. Like boxing or martial arts if you don't have discipline you will get smashed.