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@bluebird14: Given its' release date, I'd say M&L:DT is also being localized by NOE since it comes out a month earlier in Europe than in North America.

I'm pretty excited about everything mentioned except the SMT stuff, since I'm not a fan of those games. LttP sequel seems really cool, but for some reason, I get a weird NSMB vibe from it. The same goes for Yoshi's Island, but I guess that's because they're trying to mimic those 2D art styles in 3D, but aren't hitting the visual mark like M&L:DT is, which is doing the same thing successfully.

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Armature Studios: Left because they were tired of making Metroid

Years later...end up making more Metroid style games.


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I miss the lock-on button more.

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Spirit Tracks - An unbelievably frustrating experience from beginning to end.

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So this fall it's going to be...Yoshi, Mario, Mario Kart and Wind Waker HD? So no Retro game, Bayonetta 2 is probably early next year and Monolith's game is probably next summer.

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So no KB/M support?

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This is the same game magazine that suggested Dragon Quest IX would be coming to the PSP as well. So I can't say they have a credible track record.

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@wemibelec90 said:

I posted this in another thread, but I think it fits better here. Bear with me if you've already seen it.

I want to say a few things and don't know where else to say them. Just need to get them off my chest after reading countless comments and forum posts full of vitriol for this game.

Most of the complaints seem to be about the combat being not as complex as DMC3, with easier timings for things and getting SSS ranks on fights being much simpler. I don't really see why this is a bad thing. Ninja Theory went a different way with the combat, making it flashier (in a way I think fits with the DMC style) and less dependent on timing and more about being creative with mixing things up. A better point is that this is the first (of many?) game in the rebooted franchise. DMC1 was quite simple and it wasn't until the third game that things got nice and deep. Who's to say that won't happen here as well?

I understand the concerns for the story and the dialogue. Apparently, Ninja Theory talked it up big time and that has some gamers peeved (I didn't follow this game at all so I know nothing of this). Still, is this the first time a game has been talked up and then not followed through (*cough* Peter Molyneux *cough, cough*)? Sure, it isn't Shakespeare quality writing, but a game doesn't have to be about story. My favorite character-action game, Ninja Gaiden, has a stupid and nonsensical story that I groan at each time I replay the game. At least DmC has some fun with its character and story. It may not be to everyone's taste, but it isn't the end of the world.

As Jeff and the others have said, this is a new direction for the Devil May Cry franchise. Those people who worked on the original game are doing other things. There is no way that a game would be the same as one those guys made because every development team is different. It kinda sucks that we don't get another (potentially) great "real" Devil May Cry game, but this game was never going to be that. We knew that years ago when this was announced. This new reimagining is at least worth a chance. Maybe Ninja Theory will take those things hated about the combat to heart and make a stellar sequel.

These opinions are coming from someone who hasn't played the game yet (waiting on the PC version) but is looking forward to the game. I am currently playing Devil May Cry 3 and can see why fans are very reverent for that game. The intricacies of the combat rival a fighting game's complexity. It's pretty clear that the new game won't be as deep. Still, I can't wait to see how DmC turns out.

Again, sorry for a bit of a rant here. I just wanted to post these thoughts somewhere so they would stop floating around inside my head.

I disagree.

A lot of the complaints came from two points.

#1 - How Capcom allowed Western Developers to handle their franchises up to the announcement of DmC at Gamescom. Remember Dark Void? Remember Bionic Commando? What went into these games were almost entirely controlled by those developers, most notably Wife Arm. It's that kind of track record that got people worried about it when the rumor popped up. When it was finally unveiled and the initial design of Dante, aka, the drug addict, that made people go 'oh go no' when they first saw it.

#2 - What Ninja Theory had done from a development standpoint, including framerate, controls, etc. Heavenly Sword didn't have the best controls in the world and Enslaved had segments where the game was on auto pilot. So how could a developer like this possibly make a highly-skilled action game like Devil May Cry? That's the thinking behind this really. You also have to remember that they use Unreal Engine 3, meaning the game would automatically have no chance of being in 60fps on consoles, which is a downgrade. How, as a Devil May Cry fan, could you not be worried?

But literally, it stems from those two points. You can talk about reboot, their PR bullshit about it being before DMC3 to alternate timelines all you want, but the track record of both leading into this was something to be highly concerned about.

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I think this is a good game so far through 10 Chapters, but I still have a few gripes about it. It really is too easy. If Nephilim is supposed to be hard (Which it's not, you can literally just spam your way through it most of the time) I'd love to see how "hard" Dante Must Die mode is. I'm not really mad about the lack of combat complexity because there are some nice visual cues to make it easier to time things, but I feel like I'm a God from the beginning, and that's lowered the enjoyment factor a bit.

I think the Combat's the best part about the game so far because I think the story content is garbage and is awkward at places. It's definitely Ninja Theory's best game, but Enslaved was terrible and played itself in parts while Heavenly Sword was 'eh, that was a good 4-hour rental.' At least during gameplay, the framerate is very steady at 30fps, while cutscenes jump from 15-60 on PS3. And that's a big gripe too. Not being at 60fps, IMO, does lower the bar for the series in a poor way. Games like this do need that smoothness for control purposes. I also don't like that the game frequently takes control away from me while playing. It's rather jarring.

I'm enjoying it so far, but it's a far cry from the best character action games out there. It's probably a 7-8 out of 10 for me unless something dramatic happens.

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I know someone who apparently played an Alpha version a few years ago, but it got scrapped for some reason.