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@AltonBrown said:
" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters.   "
This is the best answer ever because it's true.  Good thing I'm rocking my SNES, Genesis and NES versions I bought long ago. 
As far as current fighters go, I'd say Super street Fighter IV, which comes out the 27th.
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I think it was StarFoxA who said that 2500 words = roughly 1600 points for his Modern Warfare edit.  I wrote roughly 2000 words got me 1040 points.  I'm assuming adding links to other wiki pages inflates your points a bit, too. 
@cide, yes.  It's true.  1,000+ points must be done IN A SINGLE EDIT.

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Chicago's up 2-0 right now in Game 2. 
I don't know if it was Phoenix who looked impressive or Detroit who looked bad.  That final goal by Phoenix made Detroit look really bad.

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I'd like the Hawks to make it far.  It's been a while since Original Six team made it to the Finals that didn't have Red Wings in their team name.

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I don't understand how that wasn't a 5 minute major when it was boarding.

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Man, Ottawa had so many chances there only to allow Pittsburgh to get the go-ahead goal.  Lame.

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Pittsburgh Penguins - Ottawa Senators Game 3 is going to be starting soon.  I want the Senators to win that series so badly. 
New Jersey - Philadelphia Game 3 is also on as well.

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...and Phoenix goes back up by 2.  Detroit seems to let down a lot after scoring goals.  Just like Washington.

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3-1 now.  Pretty sweet goal, too. 
EDIT:  3-2 Phoenix after the quiet Detroit goal.

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I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with the Bold feature for editing.  It will tend to bold stuff I haven't bolded, and even after I correct it, it keeps everything bolded like I didn't fix it.