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Why so much preconceived hate about the hate for this game?

Best post in the thread.

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day 1 dude, this game is gonna be cool i like aliens and i like the men in black, it makes perfect sense for me to be buying this game on the first day that it is out.... i love this franchise and i cannot wait to play this game.... men in black 2 is my favorite movie, tommy lee jones so sexy and will smith is a looker too... sexiest men alive saving the world? hell ya and men in black the game might look bad, but u know that looks can decieve, u know it, and i know it too

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Yeah, I uninstalled it a few weeks ago. Didn't even touch the multiplayer. Not because I have anything against it, just wasn't really interested.

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I suppose hate is a bit bombastic. What i'm referencing are the Metal Gear traditionalists who do, it seems, actually hate this game for doing something different. Sensible people generally don't appear to hate this game.

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We don't even need to talk about the Mako. The combat in the original Mass Effect is pretty janky and the inventory system is horrible. Mass Effect 2 may not be too special as a shooter, but it's an improvement. They were going for a simplified game and they nailed it. Though i'm happy to concede that Mass Effect 1 has the best plot in the entire series.

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man I love video games can't wait to pick this up day 1

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I've noticed a lot of people hating on this game, and I don't understand the reasoning. What i'm getting at is the general "MGS IS RUINED!!!11" stuff. You guys aren't even criticizing the game for good reasons! It looks to me as though people are putting this series up on a pedestal; acting as if the lore of Metal Gear is sacred (lol) and Rising is shitting all over that lore. I don't get this at all and want to address it.

I've played Metal Gear Solid 1 - 4, Portable Ops, and Peace Walker. I liked most of those games. Some of them are a bit janky, but not bad. Peace Walker happens to be my favorite game in the series. Anyway, the games are absurd and crazy (though I happen to enjoy that) especially when you look at the bosses you fight. A weird vampire man who can't, supposedly, die. A fellow who shoots bees at you, and uses the bees to form a submachine gun and shoot more bees at you. Gray Fox wants you to hurt him, and he wants you to hurt him more. A really fat guy who rides around on roller skates and builds nuclear weapons. A fight with Solidus at Federal Hall involving swords on top of a giant mech. Volgin and his electricity suit, as well as a chase involving a giant nuclear mech and a motorcycle. I could go on further but the point is clear, beating a dead horse and whatnot. These characters are hilarious and a lot of fun, but if you ask me, they're also completely batshit and crazy. Why are some of you guys taking this series so damn serious?

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance looks like it's going to continue this trend of delightful absurdity. Based on what i've seen it's going to be really fast paced, possibly crazier than any past Metal Gear game, and a lot of fun. I'd like to argue that taking all of this a step further makes a lot of sense for Metal Gear. We're getting the same fun universe, a game starring a character I happen to like quite a bit; Raiden, and what looks to be a very competent game in general. I always assumed people like Metal Gear games because of how funny and weird they are, not because of the Boss' philosophizing about loyalty to your country or to me, or Old Snake's commentary about how war has changed. At least I never took that stuff too seriously. I think it's extremely dramatic and corny, though I will say that it adds some humor to these games which are already absurd. I do like this stuff.

If you're a Metal Gear fan who thinks the series is ruined by Rising, I suppose this is the thread for you.

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Wehrmacht. Walking stukas, Panther tanks, Knights Cross Holders - I think they're the most fun.

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@biggiedubs said:

@doobie: I don't really expect to change anything just by myself, maybe 'taking a stand' was a bit too dramatic. I'm just happy not being hypocrite and complaining about things later.

Why is it hypocritical to buy something and complain about its flaws later? Mass Effect 3 isn't bad in every respect, though I do have problems with it; and that includes more than just the ending.

But it's an end to a trilogy I generally enjoyed quite a bit. I knew going in that there would be issues - by the time I bought the game, the backlash about the ending was at its peak. Yet I still enjoyed the game. I'm willing to both praise it for what it does right, and complain about the nasty shortcomings. There's nothing hypocritical about it.

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Something has been bothering me about the ending. So we all know that the Illusive Man appears on the Citadel out of nowhere and tries to convince Shepard to control the Reapers. It's fairly obvious that Shep and Anderson don't really expect to see the Illusive Man at this point; we can assume that he has the element of surprise over these two.

So why the hell doesn't he just shoot them both in the back then use the Crucible to control the Reapers as he so blatantly wants to? Up to this point Shepard has been resistant to the Illusive Man's stated plan. Why now of all times does the Illusive Man try to talk Shepard into making a choice he could so obviously make himself? Again, he could just kill them both without saying a word.

I don't even know how the Illusive Man being indoctrinated due to his Reaper implants plays into this scenario. So the Reapers are controlling him, presenting Shepard with the option of Shepard controlling them? Why would they do this when their goal is to eradicate organic life...? I don't know man, this shit don't make no sense to me.