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Tomb Raider Anniversary

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One only yer say well then it'll have to be Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

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Twisted Metal !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Metal Gear Solid

Legend of Dragon

Final Fantasy 6

Resident Evil 3

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@artofwar420: 3D
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sorry i meant funny coloured glasses
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thanks, what last one do you need?
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The New Class 
Sony's 3rd Consle
I need the toilet  
A full turn for Microsoft  
Battle Royale 
The Classic Nintendo Consle 
The Biblical Origins of Sega
What does SMS short for?  
The Heroic Brother of Nintendo's classic consle 
Flash in the Pan
Nokia epic fail of a handheld consle 
Two words that ryme with Cleo 
Funny Coloured Glasses and a one-diget number 
A fast mispelling of Grafic and the answer to 4 times 4 will give you the cock up you seek 
Can I Get Some Quarters?  
A location that is actually classed as a consle 
King Kong's younger brother 
Take the numbers and first four letters out of my user name to get the answer 
Eragon times 2 
Testudines in Time (Fourth Game in series)  
Founding Fathers  
Atari's first consle 
Widely regared as the WORST GAME EVER, its so bad even the Angry Video Game Nerd won't review it.
Y___'s R______ 
Wind and Water Conflict  
Reverse this: dlroWhtraE: tseuQdrowS 
Their all around us 

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@SeriouslyNow: What is Astras on about, I agree with you 100%, but his Uncle's back story wasn't made up for the film (although Sandman didn't shot him in the comics)
@SeriouslyNow said: 

"Spiderman isn't whiney in the comics.  That whole backstory about his uncle and Green Goblin was bullshit made up for the movie.  He was generally just confident and often overly so, which got him in a lot of trouble. "

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@Astras: I hate you, Spider-Man is FUCKING AWSOME
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