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I hope this game fails in the western market as well as the Japanese market, so that Capcom will realize what a huge mistake they are making and go back to the original Dante and story and characters etc.
If Capcom really needed games that can reach out to the western market so much, there's no need to reboot this existing franchise. Why not just make a completely new game? You'll have more franchises, more games to sell to East and Western markets, and therefore more money.

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I'm sooo buying it at launch.

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Ahh, cool news. Greg was my favorite GameSpot Editor. Sad when he left to develop games... He makes very good and informative reviews.
I guess that doesn't matter now since that's a long time ago. I'll need to take a look at this game when it comes out.

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@MooseyMcMan: LOLwut? I already know that. But there's no real difference if all it does is play the same games. The top loader looks different from both of them, and the game carts goes on the top, but it's still a NES.
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Just call it the NES and that it was known as the Famicon in Japan.

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Wow, paying money to learn how to play a video game.... I don't care if they are pros either. It's not like they can teach you to be a world champion. >.>

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Depends really. I prefer StarCraft II since I also prefer my games to be in real time. Turn based is a little too slow for me.

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Bet I'm the only guy here who is from Asia. :P

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That's a good thing to me. After all, a lot of the "new" Pokemon in Diamond/Pearl/Plat were nothing more but evolved/pre-evolved forms of Pokemon from previous generations. I think it would be better if they gave us completely new Pokemon with completely new evolutionary lines. And please no more Eeveelutions. I think there's enough of them already.

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Day one purchase for me. :D