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And like that Silent Hill is saved. Long live Kojima god of all

megatonnes legit~

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Digital will only work on open platforms that promise a future for the content. GOG works because i can copy the content and back it up myself. I technically own the equivalent of what a physical copy gives me. Steam somewhat works because they have become large enough that im confident in the community to crack things appropriately if Valve screws it up.

Sony and Xbox closed platforms are a no-go for me. Have fun when they discontinue those services and you cant get your games from the source. Unless it suddenly became easy to back up and keep that content without online authentication.

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Thanks, worked for me.

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Yeah i'm having this issue as well. Just says Whoops!

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This will be super exciting. Super exciting you guys,

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Yeah my problem is still persisting and its getting annoying. Cant really watch much video content on the site anymore, which is mainly what im paying for.

I just tried that sea serpent site though and video is high speed there...

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@Derekh1029 said:

I have been downloading the videos lately and have noticed my connection to the site is capped at around 100 kbps. one video will hold right at 100 and if I have 2 videos going one will be around 80 while the other is around 20. While all of this is going I will watch a youtube video or something and it will speed through an HD video so Its definetly not my connection. So something is capping out my connection to the site or I guess the servers are just not fast enough. I am in Indianapolis so I am also probably on the east coast servers.

Same exact problem for me. Why i came over to this thread. Florida here.

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It was a rich experience for me to see the shit-eating grin on Jeff's face as he loved and embraced our great friends at gamespot. That was great. I especially liked it cause i left gamespot total access and followed Jeff to GiantBomb after the Kane and Lynch fiasco and vowed never to go back. So, um, yeah, greed is a hellava drug i guess.

Oh and for everyone wondering, red flags to watch out for:

-increasing membership fees, duh.

-Changing of features.

-More integration of gamespot and GB user base. The merger of GB accounts over to gamespot is very key for them, duh.

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Fact that Matt and Trey are writing this is really gonna seal the deal that at least it will be incredibly funny. What a wonderful thing this is. Also a genuine surprise. Im on board!

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What the fuck type of spoiler is this? Seriously? Its like you are taunting people with spoilers now.