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Uh let me think? No.

I will give you the same advice I give anyone else who has never played an MMO or is an MMO newbie who wants to consider trying one or more.... Go for something with actual heart, design ideals, and is at least "trying" to be innovative. Playing WoW is a waste of time, it is literally just every other MMO filtered down into a "that worked for them lets steal it" list. WoW is basically the most derivative, uninteresting, watered down MMO that exists. I can't say enough bad about it.

Try The Secret World, Wildstar, Rift, or even wait for the upcoming new EQ or Arche Age. I would tell you to try Elder Scrolls Online even over WoW. If you want a WoW like MMO that sticks to the tried and true stale MMO mechanics go with FF14.

I will echo that point insofar as that if you're looking for a themepark MMO, FFXIV is actually pretty great. It has some pretty good cutscenes and story for an MMO. It couldn't hold my attention for too long, but if you're into that kind of game I think you might like it.

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I would say nearly none of those games match the atmosphere of EVE. The closest might be Shadow of the Colossus, but even then it's a bit of a stretch.

Dead End Thrills had a pretty great article on the atmosphere of EVE about a year ago. He consulted the lead creative director of EVE and adds some amazing shots of the game.

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The full broadside.

The only thing that I've found that compares in terms of atmosphere is Dark Souls. It has the same bleak gloom permeating everything, with only the slightest glimmer of hope in the distance. In terms of real science fiction games, I've yet to find anything close.

I've heard people enjoy the X series, but after trying it a bit I just couldn't get into it. It always felt like a lifeless clone of EVE.

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It's a nice effort, but I think it looks pretty bad. I think it's great you tried, but it looks weird, just my honest opinion of it.

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Well, I personally fly the Stabber a whole lot. It's the basic Minmatar cruiser and I favor it for its versatility. You can fit it for long or short range and it's super fast. The slot layout gives you a ton of breathing room to go shield or armor while giving you space to fit an EWar module or two.

Missiles are perfectly fine for PVP. They have their shortcomings, but so does every weapon system. Caldari is specifically focused on missiles, but Minmatar and Amarr ships sometimes feature them. The basic Caldari cruiser, the Caracal, completely eats frigates with rapid light missile launchers.

Additionally every race has cruisers dedicated to EWar, so you can act as a force multiplier and help swing the battle. The Arbitrator deals pretty good damage with drones and weapons, but has bonuses for tracking disruption. While the rest of your fleet is brawling you can safely sit at range and disrupt enemy turret platforms. CCP completely overhauled cruisers awhile ago, so there's most definitely a niche for everyone to fill.

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I would totally suggest cruiser combat. That's my personal favorite type of combat. It's a bit slower paced than frigates and gives you considerably more tank. Battles tend to last a bit longer and give you more room to work with.

Anyway, if you actually want to give it a go drop by and we'll set you up. EVE is driven by personal goals, so a lot of it is going to depend on you. "Figuring out what to do" is as simple as setting a goal (flying a specific ship maybe) and working towards that. No one is going to tell you how you have to play, which is the biggest strength.

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This is a symptom of being mixed with other servers. The people you're queuing into dungeons with will never see you again. There's little to no recourse for being the most toxic individual imaginable in a dungeon or BG group. Honestly with the way the game is setup, if I were leveling my 10th alternate paladin and someone screwed up an incredibly easy leveling dungeon I would be pretty mad, too.

I'm actually pretty surprised no one yelled at Dan during the Deadmines run. I probably would've vote kicked him from a party if I were still playing.

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We're for duders by duders, so hop in and we'll get you started.

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