Eternal falling glitch, and how you may very well solve it.

 "So... my Fable game... the one that has 30 HOURS of game play attached to it.... experienced a glitch this afternoon. Can somebody with an Xbox live account and copy of that game bail me out?"    

This is the message my sister posted to facebook the other day. We live a few states apart, but we stay connected through games and the interwebs. So I called up my buddy Dino and borrowed his copy. "Make sure to let me know when you're done with that" he said. "I want to sell it while it has some resale value.  
I called my sis and she said "Okay, play until you get to the sanctuary." It reminded me of the episode of the simpsons. Sanctuary!  I asked her how this crazy glitch happened and she said "I was holding hands with somone in the game". Wait, I said. I'm going to turn on the speakerphone. "I was holding hands with someone in the game and I was walking towards the castle and all of the sudden I was just falling and falling and falling". Ha ha ha ha. 
So I put the disc in. I played for about twenty minutes. Within that time I decided I would probably not be playing much further than the sanctuary. When I finally got there, we joined an xbox party and she told me what to do next. "Walk towards the green fog that looks like the matrix". Okay, I said. Now what ? 
"Open some drawers or try to change your clothes or something". What? "Okay see the stairs? Go up the stairs". Okay, now what "Do you see any more stairs? Go up those and take your first left. It's sad that I know this so well". Yes, it is. But then again I can walk backwards through the first level of Parish in Left 4 Dead 2 so maybe not. "Try to find a way to change your clothes. Open some drawers or a cabinet or something"  Okay.  
"Yes! That did it! Thank you, Thank you!"
I may not be able to change her oil or open a pickle jar from way over here. But it feels nice to be needed. I took the disc out and haven't put it back in since. That game sounds maddening, obviously.