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@jiggaboojeeves: I've actually been paying $5 to watch Drew Scanlon envelop himself in Metal Gear but "premium blog posts" critiquing a genre that I love are a nice aside, at least in my opinion. Glad you're still bothering to post on the forums here though!

@bonorbitz when you put it that way, it IS pretty silly that a word of spanish origin is being uttered by some demon oriental creature thing and it kinda does detract from it as a whole, but like you, I thought it was still the best segment of an otherwise disappointing film. I can't believe some prefer VHS 2 either. That first entry was so fucking strong. Even when it was at it's worst (Tuesday the 17th), it was at least interesting. Not only that, but it managed to stick to the lo-fi aesthetic which the two sequels COMPLETELY fail to do.

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@bonorbitz: it is the cult segment! Which is actually directed by Gareth Evans (dude behind Raid 2)

Funny thing about the final line, I never knew what was being said until this last Sunday and I've seen it countless times. They played a couple segments from the previous movies before Viral so I guess hearing everything in a theater for the first time made it discernable (I just thought it was breathing/growling)

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I doubt I'll strictly stick to Patrick's list this year, but I'll for sure be partaking in my own Shocktober.

Kill List is fucking DOPE. I didn't find it to be particularly scary, but it's moody as fuck. Great naturalistic acting; not for fans of "mumblecore".

Oh, and for whatever it's worth, I went to Bloody Disgusting's screening of VHS Viral in Hollywood in Sunday and it was severely disappointing. 1/3 of the shorts were engrossing, the wraparound was pure, squandered potential and it had a hella short run time. For the record I loved the first and only cared for Safe Haven in the second.


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Hell yeah.

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I played it, it blows

Godawful combat, and stealth is unmanageable (it's nearly impossible to know whether you can be seen or not) and very little sense of direction.

Not that I want my hand held but everything about the world is so vague and obtuse and it just feels unearned. There's no gravitas to the mystery, it was just mysterious for the sake of having an answer(s?) to propel yourself towards.

Not much personality, no characters worth caring about, nada. Maybe it's just not my cup of tea, but I played it for two hours and really didn't dig it.

A very beautiful world to walk around in for about an hour, but that's all I really got out of it.

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Only God Forgives y'all

I'm sure only five of you will like it, but it's seriously such a beautiful clusterfuck of death and moodiness

I unironically love it, and you might too!

Definitely give it a shot if you enjoyed Valhalla Rising

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Am I dreaming?

Get the fuck out of town, Giant Bomb, first Lang and now this shit

10/10 would go premium again

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Snyder asked for Heisenberg and got Eisenberg

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Nope. Nothing spoiled.

There really isn't much to be spoiled anyway. You'll see what I mean.