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It makes me sad that they finally chose a setting that I have wanted for years right at the moment I no longer care about Assassin's Creed.

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PlayStation 4 (Europe)




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This is not strictly API related but hopefully someone can provide some insight.

I am writing a desktop program for myself that reads the upcoming box on the front door and gives me desktop notifications of upcoming posts and live shows. However, the timezone of the information is sometimes in GB local and sometimes in my timezone. When I visit the page in a browser with javascript on it always displays correctly.

Is the lack of javascript in my program the problem? Why might it work some times and not others? Is there a particular header I should set in my request? Am I being randomly assigned a different CDN outpoint?

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. And if scrapers of this sort are unwelcome I will of course stop.


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For me it was Forza's 3 and 4 and the achievements for gold medals in every event. Almost 300 hours across both games. Mercifully Forza 5's equivalent achievement took only 50 hours.

A veritable walk in the park!

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Who knows how well it will work but my God it's fuck ugly.

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I'm curious as to how well it actually works, but my God it is sinfully ugly.

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As both the PS4 and the Nextbox will be based on 8-core CPUs, I would wait until you can get a CPU that is either 8-core or 4-core/8-thread.

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I think the people who still balk at the $150k figure even after being shown the breakdown almost have a point. I suspect they are people for whom the addition of one new character to a fighting game that already has a dozen is of minimal value. The more extreme example is SSF4: two new characters to a roster of 30-odd. They see a lot of money spent for a very small result.

The point they aren't quite making is that if it is "so expensive" to produce "so little", maybe there is a flaw in the original premise. As a first time studio, maybe they should have gone the easier route of 3D? Maybe they should have started with something easier to make than a fighting game?

This is certainly why we see dozens of indie platformers with an 8-bit-inspired art style. Yet for small-scale indie developers to survive in the long run, they need to be even more ruthless than the big publishers when it comes to budgets, project scope and the man-hours involved. It may not be your dream game, but you don't have that luxury.

Make the game you can afford to make. Make the game you don't have to kill yourself to make.

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Not a chance your headline is possible. Were it the case that next-gen systems come in under Epic's expectations, Epic would adjust down. Their business is selling licences.

Also consider that Epic touts UE4 as working on everything from the smartphone to a high-end PC.

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Quantum Redshift, if you fancy a futuristic racer in the mold of Wipeout or F-Zero.