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Just got it for that cheap price, now I have the game and the DLC for less than the PC versions base cost!

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Thank you both Ravenlight and Seppli I am such an idiot: I went on the Darksiders forums with no help from them.

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I have had 3 in the course of the game and I bought one from Vulgrim that was a 400+ damage axe that I have used for nearly 8 hours.

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I paid full price in April and played it for less than an hour, that's it.

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I am on PC and I can't use the overworld map on the 360 controller I keep pressing A but nothing (works fine on Keyboard.)

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I used to have 40 down and 2 up but they put me up to 10 up after a while for free.

I normally get 4.5mb on Steam between 5 and 6 on Origin but on one occasion I got 17.5mb on Steam (it only lasted like 20 mins)

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My £1 copy of Deus Ex (New and Old) that I also own on Steam and got a copy free with my 7970 and played it on xbox... oh no.

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@Fearbeard said:

Do they charge right away for pre-orders or on release?

right away

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I got Sleeping Dogs, Far Cry 3 and AC3 on Greenman, I got Borderlands 2 on Steam and Darksiders 2 (with the 3 DLC, weapons and Metro 2033) on the THQ Site.

After the Steam sale I think I am done for now. Oh I still have GW2 waiting to be released.

You can get Hitman for cheaper but if you want the "Sniper Challenged" game (that you can play now) you need to pay the normal price (4p cheaper than on steam)