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Akureyri, Iceland

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This recent update has been absolutely amazing, especially because of the Chromecast feature. I decided to buy the DLC Rank A because of it, although I probably should have done so earlier...

(That's only the time I've logged in since I got Frequency pro earlier this year, I've probably spent a few dozen or so hours in it before that time.)

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Don't know if this is the right place to ask but how come the latest UPF doesn't show up in the app?

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Kojima dumptruck? Did you ask him about his leather jacket?

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Jebus, there are like 4 designs already that would be perfect. Superb job, duders.

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Didn't Vince Zampella state on twitter though that Respawn was gonna be at E3? Maybe West just realised he's got a metric ton of money and he doesn't want to spend 4+ years making yet another shooter?

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I find it kind of weird seeing how exited people are about this, it's been ages since Interplay has done anything noteworthy at all and I doubt Interplay can support them well enough to get actually good games from them.

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@Mesoian said:

Sega will pick up Devil's Third. Calling it now.

My bet is Square Enix, however.

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I completely agree with you Alex, but I've thankfully never even tried to watch the show. I feel like I know exactly how those awards go and all I need to see (those damn new "EXCLUSIVE REVEALS") on the internet next day. That way I can completely evade endorsing or reminding people that this piece of garbage exists.

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I am completely fine with that. There are so many big games out now that and so little left of the year that it would be utter madness to release it now. Plus, if they can use the time to polish the f*** out of it in the mean time than that's even better.

Really people, are there no other games you could be playing right now? REALLY?!